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Varun Pramod

Wishlist and Comparison Plugin for WooCommerce

ThemeHigh introduces the Wishlist and Comparison for WooCommerce plugin to move the products to your wishlist for future purchases. Besides that, the comparison option of the plugin lets you compare the features of different products. Using the social sharing options of the plugin, you can share the wishlist with your loved ones. Also, compare the product differences and choose the products that are most suitable for you. This WooCommerce plugin provides many advanced features that help you to create and customize your wishlist page.

WooCommerce wishlist and compare page

Today, most online shopping sites are having a wishlist and compare page for their store. It adds a lot of benefits to your business by boosting sales. The wishlist page helps the shoppers to list their favourite products on a single page. So, the shoppers can view their favourite products on a single page and choose the best one from the list. Besides that, shoppers can share their wishlist with their best ones. Using the compare feature, shoppers can compare and understand the difference between products. So, they can check the product difference and find the product that is most suitable for them. As the shoppers are comparing the product before purchase, the probability of product return will be less. The Themehigh Wishlist and Comparison plugin lets you add a wishlist and comparison page to your store. Also, the plugin helps you to edit both pages based on your needs.

Some Special Features

Some special features of the Themehigh WooCommerce Wishlist and Comparison plugin are discussed below.
  • Wishlist

Add a wishlist page

product Wishlist page for woocommerce stores Create a wishlist page for your online store and display the products added to your wishlist. So, shoppers can quickly move their favourite products to their wishlist and proceed to checkout. Change the wishlist button position Choose the position of your wishlist button on both the shop and product page. You can add the wishlist button before or after the ‘Add to cart button and even custom the position with codes. Edit the wishlist button You can change the default button text and add custom text for your wishlist button. Also, you can add a custom icon to your wishlist. Move the wishlist products to your cart The shoppers can quickly move their wishlist products to the cart page and complete the checkout process more efficiently. When the products are moved to the cart, it gets automatically removed from the shopper’s wishlist. So, the shoppers will always have an updated wishlist page. Share your wishlist products Share your wishlist products with loved ones The plugin lets the shoppers easily share their wishlist products using social share buttons. Share the products on all active platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and emails. Also, edit the text for social and change the icon color for the social buttons. Display popup alert A popup on adding products to wishlist page You can generate a popup alert when the shopper adds a product to their wishlist. The popup includes a view wishlist button, which allows them to view their wishlist product list quickly.
  • Comparison
Quick comparison A page to compare wish-listed woocommerce products Shoppers can add the desired products and quickly compare the product features to know which product is most suitable for them. The comparison table can be displayed as a popup and even on a single page. Choose comparison fields You can select the fields to compare and rearrange the fields to corresponding positions through drag and drop. Using our comparison plugin, the shoppers can quickly compare the details of various products like title, image, price, description, availability, etc. Set custom text You can edit the default text and add custom text for the compare button. Also, edit the text shown when the product is added to the wishlist. Choose compare button position Select the position to display the compare button on both the shop/product page. The available button positions are: ➤ After the “Add to Cart” button. ➤ Before the “Add to Cart” button. Add/Remove products from the compare page The compare page includes an Add to Cart button that lets the shoppers quickly add the product to their cart. Also, they can easily remove the products from the compare page. Show only differences With the comparison plugin, the shoppers can hide the same value fields and list the differences.

A Few Final Words

The Wishlist and Comparison plugin adds many values to your business and boosts it to the next level. By utilizing the entire plugin features, you can make the store more alive and provide a better experience over the wishlist and comparison page. All the features provided in the plugin are simple to use and look appealing to shoppers. As both the wishlist and comparison features are included in a single plugin, choosing it will never be wrong. Also, the plugin gets updated during proper intervals with the latest trends. Download the free plugin here.