Pinterest & Instagram Marketing Strategies for WooCommerce

Rukailath Rehsan

Everyone loves Instagram and Pinterest. These popular social media platforms were developed with the idea of image sharing for various purposes. But with the business world understanding the possibilities it offers to their sales, they too began to venture into these platforms so as to widen their audience and thus benefit the maximum.

It has been estimated that Pinterest and Instagram have around 300 million active users around the world. To reach this audience is a perfect strategy to market your WooCommerce store. The power of social media is beyond one’s simple imagination.

It’s simple and cheap compared to the traditional forms of mediums used for marketing our products. This blog is a guide to the best marketing strategies for WooCommerce stores through Instagram and Pinterest.

Well, let us now delve into the best Pinterest and Instagram marketing strategies that can be followed if you are planning to reap the best from the same.

Check them out below!

Marketing Strategies for Pinterest

Let us begin with some interesting statistics about Pinterest, which reinforces the need for marketing through such social media platforms. After which, we will be dealing with the Pinterest marketing strategies for WooCommerce.

pinterest marketing strategy

Develop Your Own Pinterest Strategy with Reasonable Goals

The foremost thing that one should do is plan a well-defined Pinterest strategy for your WooCommerce store marketing. It should be made per the business goals that you are planning to achieve. Sit down and make a detailed plan on the business goals you wish to achieve within fixed time frames. This makes it easy to execute them properly.

Pin Down Your Own Products

Your WooCommerce store is about selling products. So it’s always necessary to pin down your products. Ensure you display the best products you have in your kitty and display them through your pins. The people love to surf over the Pins searching for new products, be it articles of clothing, electronic items, home decor, etc.

Pinterest is a perfect platform to market your WooCommerce store products. It has been found in a recent study that more than 70 percent of the Pinneres get induced to do shopping even when they are not looking for anything in particular! This is quite interesting, right? Great products with unique captions and pictures inspire visitors to buy those products. So make sure that you do the same!

Show How Your Products Can be Used

Showcase your products and how they can benefit the buyers creatively so that it makes them focused on finally purchasing the products displayed. There are three strategies while showcasing your products. They are as follows:

Show attention to detail: Make sure that you provide the best possible information to your products’ visitors. It should be appealing and make them buy your products.

Offer the “latest”: The pins you project should be the latest in the market and make the people aware of the same.

Please give it a luxury appeal: Give your products a luxury appeal, so that it makes them more attractive and makes them buy the same.

Optimize Your Product Pages

The central idea behind optimizing product pages is to convert the visitors to your pages into pure buyers! Optimization of product pages helps you to achieve the same. Pinterest can help you a lot in achieving the same. Given below are some of how you can optimize your product pages:

  • Use high-quality images to showcase on your Pinterest pages.
  • Add more than one photo.
  • Include short video descriptions and views.
  • Consistent branding and logo placement.

Use of Rich Pins

Rich pins are the pins that link the website information from your pins. It redirects the various products displayed on the Pinterest platform to your respective shopping pages.

There are three types of rich pins to be precise, which are as follows:

Product Rich Pins: These deal with the most up-to-date pricing, availability of the product, and information about the products in the pins.

Article-Rich Pins: Article-rich pins link to the blog published on your website. The pins show the title, description, and image of the blog posted.

Recipe Rich Pins: These types of pins link the recipes of various dishes published on your website. It includes the images of the recipe, ingredients, and other necessary descriptions.

Develop Attractive and Creative Images for Pinterest

Images are the real trump cards in creating extraordinary results for your WooCommerce shopping store. Incredible pictures have an attractive force to make the visitors buy your products even when they don’t require a particular product! So please make use of high-quality images that capture their attention. Such pins will also get more shares, and your post reaches out to a broader audience.

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies for Instagram

The case with Instagram is also similar to that of Pinterest. It has been found that more than 65 percent of Instagram visitors end up shopping through shoppable posts. What are these shoppable posts? We will see about the same below.

Post Shoppable Posts that Link Directly to your Product Pages

Shoppable posts are the ones that consist of a shopping bag icon and tag the various products in the same post. When a visitor clicks on a shoppable post, they will be redirected to the respective product pages of your WooCommerce store. The post includes minor descriptions about the product, pricing, images of the products, etc.

Execute Perfect Business Strategies for your Business Profile

This step is crucial in whatever case you deal with. One should have a perfect business marketing strategy before actually stepping into the scene. Executing perfect business strategies for your business profiles allows you to deploy the best for your business and thus yield higher revenue and sales.

Select Apt Photographs for the Shoppable Posts

Both Instagram and Pinterest are image-dependent social media platforms. So as in the case of Instagram posts, too, we have to concentrate on creating apt photographs of high quality and creativity. The image that pictures create in people’s minds has been a long study of humans’ behavioral patterns. So make sure that you utilize it properly.

Run Ads to Attract New Customers to Your Store

As a regular Instagram user, I have often shopped for various products with the ads of online shopping stores. The power of Instagram ads is beyond our simple imagination. It attracts new customers to your online shopping store. Keep the ads simple but at the same attention-capturing! Develop a sense of curiosity among the customers about your products.

Partner With an Influencer

The effect that celebrities can have on the minds of the public is well known. If they market a product through their Instagram profile, then the number of visitors to your WooCommerce store will increase automatically. So make sure you make collaborate with a partner who can influence people. If your budget constraints are small, then act accordingly, like partnering with someone who you are capable of dealing with. Remember, social sharing is a great way to engage with your audience.

#Use Hashtags

Instagram works on the hashtag mechanism. It makes your shoppable posts more discoverable and thus ensures better reach out to the people. Hashtags should be chosen based on the relevance of your posts. Instagram supports up to 30 hashtags per post! Please make use of them wisely.

Summing Up: Instagram and Pinterest are the Waves of the Future

Pinterest and Instagram are creating waves in the online shopping world, and the case with WooCommerce platforms is also not different.

The marketing of Woocommerce stores through social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest has always created impeccable business sales.

The reach that they provide to the business is extensive. So make sure you use them efficiently and gain the maximum from these platforms!
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