Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce lets you add swatches for variable product attributes in your WooCommerce store, with different styling options.

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Variation Swatches for WooCommerce offers your shoppers with an out-and-out overview of all options and variations available for products with variable attributes (for eg: color, size, texture, etc.). The plugin comes with options to display swatches of different types, with custom styling, tooltips and tooltip descriptions. It also lets you set swatches to behave according to unavailability and limited stocks.

Swatch Up Your Products In Style

4 Swatch Types

Choose from our swatch types Color, Image, Label/Button & Radio to showcase your product variations

Informative Tooltips

Stuff in more information inside Tooltip using Description, Images, Term Name options

Style Customization

Customize your swatches style to unmask the possibility of customer attention

Stock left Label

Prompt customer to grab your products with Min. Stock left label

Out-of-Stock Label

Avoid hiding a variation, display out of stock label to let user know the product variations.

Swatches on Shop Page

Quicker choice made by customer, by displaying variation swatches on Shop page.

Know More About WooCommerce Variation Swatches

Clear-Cut Display of Product Variables

WooCommerce Variation Swatches lets you display your variable attributes in four different styles as swatches. With the plugin integrated into the product attributes settings, easily display all added attributes as swatches, with a swatch style suiting each product characteristic. Product Attribute Variation Swatches are available in the following display styles: (i) Color, (ii) Image, (iii) Label, and (iv) Radio.

Extra Detail with Tooltips/Hover Image/Hover Descriptions

With the WooCommerce Variation Swatches, display the hover pop-ups with images, term name or descriptions, and get to show some extra detail to your product variations.

Suppose you need to display a informative text on a specific attribute value, you can display it as a tooltip description instead of the hover image or the hover tooltip.

Show Variations Instantly with Swatches on Shop Page

Some shoppers may be lazy enough to visit the product page before they know of any available variations. In such cases, it is wise to display these variations on the shop page, so that the shoppers can be early aware of the available choices. With the WooCommerce Variation Swatches, get to display the swatches on the shop page, and provide early detail to the shoppers.

Set Swatches Behavior Based on Availability of Products

If you have a product variation which is moving to limited stock or becomes unavailable for sale, you can easily convey them to the swatches created using the WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin. With multiple options to set the behavior of swatches according to the availability of the products, you can display limited stock/out of stock indications to the shoppers for the ease of shopping.

Configure Swatch Display Style With Ease

WooCommerce Swatches allows the store owner to define swatches style specific to each product attribute. The style may need to be different according to the nature of the attribute and their specific characteristics.


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1.3.0 (20-09-2020)

NEW FEATURE: New options to set out of stock behaviour. NEW FEATURE: Added clear on reselect option. NEW FEATURE: New options to style active and hover behaviour. NEW FEATURE: New option to easily convert all the default swatches to label swatches. NEW FEATURE: New option for disabling the plugin style sheet. NEW FEATURE: Added option to set tooltip font size for term name and description. IMPROVED: Settings screen UI improved.

1.2.0 (25-08-2020)

FIX: Fixed the issue of missing class in the javascript functions. FIX: Fixed the issue of out of stock display in the variation. Fix: Fixed the stock left alert issue for the radio type display. IMPROVED: Improved UI for settings screens. IMPROVED: Code cleaning.

1.1.1 (19-06-2020)

FIX: Fix for the issue of not showing variation price in shop page with some themes. IMPROVED: WooCommerce latest version 4.3.0 compatibility added.

1.1.0 (06-04-2020)

FIX: Fixed the issue of not properly working blur with the cross option in shop page. IMPROVED: Localization implemented for all screens. IMPROVED: Plugin code cleaned & optimized.

1.0.9 (26-03-2020)

IMPROVED: WooCommerce latest version compatibility added.

1.0.8 (28.01.2020)

NEW FEATURE: Added the new shop page settings. NEW FEATURE: Added option for changing the label font size in global settings. IMPROVED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3 Added. IMPROVED: Improved the sanitisation of input data. IMPROVED: Added filter "thwvs_show_variation_on_custom_page" for showing swatches in custom pages FIX: Fixed compatibility issue with major themes like Hestia, Divi, Flatsome, Sydney, Ocean, Avada FIX: Fixed the issue with quotes usage in the admin settings screen. FIX: Fixed the issue of hiding the price in shop page when we select a variation. FIX: Fixed the issue of displaying the wrong add to cart button text if variation display is through Ajax. FIX: Fixed the issue of not changing the image to default image after clearing the selection in shop page

1.0.7 (26-08-2019)

IMPROVEMENT: Improved the 'unavailable variation' style for radio fields. FIX: Handled the default variation selection in product page when an unavailable variation is set as default.

1.0.6 (28.05.2019)

NEW FEATURE: Added the option to display radio button swatches on Shop page. NEW FEATURE: Added option for displaying the swatches in the Additional information tab. NEW FEATURE: Added option for radio button styles in general settings and Individual settings. NEW FEATURE: Added option for Clear button style and display text edit. NEW FEATURE: Added option to decide the label positions for Attributes. NEW FEATURE: Added option to set an attribute as featured. NEW FEATURE: Added option for adding attribute description and its styling option NEW FEATURE: Added option for making the select2 styles for select type swatches. NEW FEATURE: Added option for adding the font size for attribute label. IMPROVED: Improved front-end UI style options. IMPROVED: Improved the admin panel UI for general settings. IMPROVED: Added filter for changing the add to cart text. IMPROVED: Added text-domain for all the keyword used in the plugin. FIX: Fix for missing argument error. FIX: Fix for Global Settings checkbox enabling on resting the attribute.

1.0.5 (09.04.2019)

FIX: Ajax Add to cart issue on the shop page.

1.0.4 (22.02.2019)

FIX: Out of stock style corrected for unavailable product variation. FIX: Corrected the admin panel CSS conflict with Themehigh's WooCommerce Multistep Checkout plugin. IMPROVED: Added new style for radio field type in the admin panel. IMPROVED: Updated license module.

1.0.3 (19.12.2018)

FIX: Fix for the issue of swatches not displaying on quick-view. FIX: Fix for the issue of stock label not working properly. FIX: Fix for the issue of adding local term. IMPROVED: Change product image based on variation in archive page. IMPROVED: New radio button style is added. NEW FEATURE: Added background color option for label/button swatch. NEW FEATURE: Added more styling options for tooltip. NEW FEATURE: Added bicolor swatch type in color swatch. NEW FEATURE: Added all swatches settings for custom attributes(local attributes). NEW FEATURE: Added variation swatches on all archive page. NEW FEATURE: Added new field to update ajax variation threshold value.

1.0.2 (02.11.2018)

IMPROVED: Plugin action links are added.

1.0.1 (01.11.2018)

FIX: Fix for the issue of license update.

1.0.0 (02.11.2018)

INITIAL RELEASE: WooCommerce Product Variation Swatches initial version. INITIAL RELEASE: Color swatches for product variation attributes. INITIAL RELEASE: Image/Icon swatches for product variation attributes. INITIAL RELEASE: Label/Button swatches for product variation attributes. INITIAL RELEASE: Radio Swatches for product variation attributes. INITIAL RELEASE: Tooltips for Product Variation Swatches. INITIAL RELEASE: Stock Left Label. INITIAL RELEASE: Out-of-stock information display style. INITIAL RELEASE: Variation Swatches on Shop page.