Multiple Addresses for WooCommerce

Multiple Addresses for WooCommerce plugin helps the shoppers to save multiple customer addresses to My Account page, and choose from one of them while placing the next order. The plugin comes with Google’s Autocomplete feature for auto-filling the address fields.

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Multiple Addresses for WooCommerce help users to manage multiple billing and shipping addresses to quickly complete the orders at checkout.

This plugin is yet another way to create a frictionless checkout that improves conversion rate.

Let Your Shoppers Choose from a List of Saved Addresses

One of the tiring things shoppers face is filling the address form again and again when they have to place an order to a previously used address. That’s where the WooCommerce Multiple Addresses Plugin comes in handy. Save every new address you give in the checkout form and choose from one of them while placing the order next time.

Manage All Addresses from My Account Page

Not only adding, but managing the addresses too is simple with My Account page integration. All the newly added addresses will be available in My Account page of the online store, where the shopper can add, edit or remove addresses. Moreover, the shopper can set the addresses as default, billing and shipping separately.

Save Time with Google Autocomplete Feature

It’s tiresome to fill in the complete address every time. Supply the address details to your shoppers and ease their shopping process with the Google Autocomplete feature! With the feature, all you need to do is slip in your Google API Key in the settings, and bring the addresses to the checkout form directly from Google Places.

Custom Address Formats through Overriding

Do you want to display the addresses in a different format? That’s now as easy as ABC. With the address overriding option, perform custom additions or rearrangements to the already existing WooCommerce address formats, separately to default and other countries specific. You can even add new fields to them using the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro plugin.

Display Your Multiple Address Layouts in Style

With different easy styling options in the plugin, style your multiple address display in the checkout form. Display the addresses as pop-up or drop-down, and get a link or button display for the pop-up display option. Different styles give you a choice to customise the checkout forms as you like them.

Highly Compatible with WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

The WooCommerce Multiple Addresses is built to perfectly integrate with our pride plugin, the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor . With both the plugins together, add extra functionalities to your dashboard, and get a perfect and synchronised checkout process, and moreover, a great checkout experience for your shoppers.

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