Job Manager & Career

Job Manager & Career a lightweight WordPress plugin to add and manage your job posts.

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Job Manager and Career

Themehigh Job Manager plugin enables you to add and manage a job page on your WordPress website

This lightweight plugin helps in managing the job post along with the resume received by sending a quick update via email to the candidate on the basis of the status change from the admin side. This job board can be incorporated by simply pasting the shortcode to your page.

Key Features of Job Manager & Career

  • Publish job posts
  • Set featured jobs
  • Create awesome application forms
  • Add Job Expiry
  • Smart Application Management
  • Advanced Applicant Search
  • Automated Email Notification
  • File Upload Option
  • Style your Career Page
  • Enable Google reCaptcha

Publish Your Requirement

Create and list your jobs on the career page based on your requirement and choose the best display style to align it with your website. Page appearance can be customized with no effort.

Publish Job Posts
Customize Job Posts

Customize Your Job Page

Add custom filters to your job page to collect that extra information. Create additional filters for Experience, Salary, Notice period, etc. Enhance your candidate profile by collecting more information about them.

Apply For The Job

Candidates can now easily apply for the job. Custom fields can be added for collecting additional details and for uploading a resume along with managing the file upload size and formats.

Apply For The Job
Manage and Shortlist Resumes

Manage Resumes

Instantly manage the resumes by shortlisting the applied candidates. Categorizing the resumes helps to better sort out and to choose the best among them.

Notify Them Via Email

Email Triggers are set based on certain conditions. When the conditions are met an email will be sent to the applicant. example: Pending to Selected, or Shortlisted to Selected.

Notify Candidates Via Email