Advanced FAQ Manager

Advanced FAQ Manager allows you to easily create and manage frequently asked questions (FAQs) in your WordPress pages.

Subscription Options

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Advanced FAQ Manager allows you to easily create and manage frequently asked questions (FAQs) in your WordPress pages.

With Advanced FAQ Manager Plugin, all you need to do is create a new FAQ category/set, add in the list of frequently asked questions as the content. Copy the displayed short-code of the post, and paste it in your web page wherever necessary.

Know More About Advanced FAQ Manager

Easy category wise FAQ Management

Display & manage all FAQ with in a set in one place, makes it easy to add/edit/delete the FAQs without further thought.

Single Click to Publish a set/Category of FAQs

Easy-n-simple to publish a set of FAQs in on click, as adding of a group name and faq list happens in a single page.

Add Multiple Images to FAQ content

Display images in the FAQs using the Insert Image button to give more detail to the answers.

Display FAQs in Accordion Style

The accordion/toggle display style ensures the viewers with easy navigation through FAQ list.

Change the behaviour of FAQ Accordions

Choose to close or open the first FAQ, and also choose to keep multiple accordions open at a time.

Style the FAQ Text and Background Colors

Choose custom colors for the text and background of the FAQ title and content from general settings, and match them to the colors of your theme.

Override Global Style Settings for Individual FAQ

Choose custom colors for text and background of FAQ title & content of a specific set of FAQs using the overriding option provided inside each set of FAQ group.

Social Sharing of the FAQs

Display/hide social media buttons for FAQs so that the viewers can easily share them through social medias like Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Email. You can also display a custom title text for the share.

Last Updated Date of the FAQ Group

Choose to display/hide the last updated date of the FAQs based on your viewer interest.

Showcase FAQ in Widget Area

Copy Paste the short-code to the Text widget in Widget section to display the particular FAQ set.

The accordion style of the FAQs easily lets the viewers switch through each FAQ one-by-one. Even though accordion style uses minimal space, Using the “multiple FAQ accordions open” option, your user will have option to keep any number of accordions open there by giving you the flexiblity.

When loading the FAQ page, you can even decide to keep all FAQ accordions in the set closed, or keep the accordion open only for the first FAQ in the set, using the Advanced FAQ Manager Plugin. Again you will have the flexibility to decide on how an accordion should behave using the Advanced FAQ Manager Plugin.

The Advanced FAQ Manager also lets you display FAQs in specific colour theme by overriding the general settings for each individual FAQ sets. FAQ plugin also provides the option for viewers to share the FAQs to social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email – you can choose whichever to display).

Import/Export of FAQs made easy. If you need to include FAQs from another WordPress account or export FAQs to them, you can use the default WordPress Import/Export option included in the plugin settings of this WordPress FAQ Plugin.