Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce

Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce helps your shoppers to plan their purchase deliveries on a weekly or monthly basis. As a WooCommerce Store Owner, you can serve your regular customers with ease by delivering the required quantity on specific dates with a single order.

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Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce lets your customers regularize their shopping by making a weekly or monthly schedule of their purchase deliveries with selected date and quantity.

The plugin helps the shopper to preset the WooCommerce order delivery dates thereby enabling the store owner to dispatch the products on planned dates. The Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce well suits the grocery, milk stores, canned water distributors, caterers, pet foods, etc. having an online WooCommerce store.

Key Features

Configure Shop Availability

By defining a start date, end date, and holidays from the admin end, easily preset the available order delivery dates.

Calendar View to Schedule Date, Time & Quantity

Shoppers can easily schedule the order delivery dates and time by adding the required quantities in a monthly calendar.

Delivery Status for Shoppers and Admin

Know the status of completed and pending deliveries from both admin and shopper end.

Hold Your Deliveries with a Single Click

Allow shoppers/admin to hold or cancel deliveries for any specific date in the future without trouble.

Delivery Plan Showcase

Other than Order detail page, choose to display the delivery plan on the cart page, checkout page, and thank you page as per your requirement.

Style-up Your Delivery Calendar

Customize your calendar and text to suit the colors and theme of your WooCommerce product page.

Know More About
Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce

Show Delivery Availability Before an Order is Placed

With Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce, configure the products for schedule delivery and set the dates you can make available for planning and purchasing the products. The plugin lets you choose the available days in the week, assign a start date and end date, minimum days for delivery, and holidays when delivery is not available.

Easy Calendar View to Plan the Product Demand per Week/Month

Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce lets your shoppers add quantities they need to purchase in a monthly calendar. With this easy calendar view on the product page, this order delivery date plugin helps shoppers to take time and easily calculate how much to buy and when to buy.

Quick & Easy View of Delivery Status

When a product is to be delivered on specific dates in different quantities, it is important to keep track from both the admin and the shopper's end. The multiple delivery date planner displays the regular status of delivery to the admin on the orders page and the shoppers on their My Orders page. That helps shoppers to review their orders with the product delivery dates, and the store owners to easily manage deliveries.

Put Delivery on Hold In Case of Unavailability

There may be instances when a shopper or a product for delivery becomes unavailable for particular days. In such cases, it is necessary to hold these deliveries. This purchase delivery date plugin allows the shoppers and store owners to hold the delivery of a product for specific dates so that there won't be any trouble with deliveries schedule on other dates.

Have Individual and Global Availability Settings

When almost all products in a WooCommerce online store follow the global settings, certain products with a specific character may require individual settings of their own. Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce helps you to define individual schedule delivery settings for specific products. That helps you to avoid confusion when there occurs any change in order delivery dates or availability of any product.

Set an Apt Time for the Product Delivery

The Schedule delivery for WooCommerce plugin helps the store owners to define time-slots for the delivery of products. The shoppers can choose a convenient slot of time from the provided time intervals while placing the order.

Compatible with Extra Product Options Plugin

The Schedule delivery plugin is compatible with the WooCommerce Extra Product Options. This allows you to include the time-picker option along with the other fields of the Extra products plugin. With this compatibility feature, the store owners can get a precise time for product delivery.

Multilingual Support

Using the WPML compatibility feature of the plugin, you can translate the plugin strings and make your store multilingual.

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