Extra Product Options for WooCommerce

The Extra Product Options for WooCommerce plugin lets you add extra product fields to your WooCommerce Product pages.

Subscription Options

A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase. License details





With the WooCommerce Extra Product Options (WooCommerce Custom Product Addons) plugin, add new fields and sections to the product page other than the available WooCommerce product page elements. The WooCommerce Custom Product Addon lets you add text, checkboxes, select boxes, radio buttons, headings, labels, and much more as product fields.

Bring Detail To Your Product Page With Fields And Sections

Display Texts And Input Fields

Display additional information, headings, and labels on the product page, and also prompt your shoppers to provide extra inputs with fields like text, select, radio, checkbox, etc.

Conditionally Display Fields And Sections

Conditionally display the product fields based on product, product category, product quantity, user roles, or entries in other product fields and make the product page crisp and user-friendly.

Add Custom Validators To Product Fields

With custom validator patterns, make sure that all data you receive is valid before the product is added to the cart.

Define Prices To Product Options

Assign custom prices (fixed, dynamic or percentage) to product options and fields, and let the shoppers buy products with extra product addons.

Upload Files To The Product Page

Feature an upload button on the product page and help the shoppers share relevant files associated with the order.

Add a Date Picker And Time Picker

Provide a date-picker or time-picker to the product fields and collect time specific inputs from the shoppers, thus helping precise shipping and delivery.

Duplicate Fields And Sections With a Click

Save yourself from the long task of creating similar fields from scratch, and instead create duplicates of fields and sections with a single click.

Rearrange All Fields And Sections

Display the product fields/sections in any required order, with easy and quick rearrangement properties.

Why Choose WooCommerce Extra Product Options from ThemeHigh?

12+ Field Types Available

A choice of 12 field types are available including 10 input fields, one field for title/heading and one field for lable/text.

  • Text
  • Hidden
  • Password
  • Textarea
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Select
  • Multi-select
  • Date picker
  • Time picker
  • Heading
  • Label

Conditionally Display Fields According To Relevance

Product fields may depend on various aspects of a product. A field that is relevant for a shirt may not be the same for a mobile phone or a bicycle. WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin lets you add conditional logic to custom product fields, and thereby choose to show/hide them depending on products, categories, user roles, etc.

Dynamic and Fixed Prices for Custom Fields

Sometimes, you may need to add a price field based on the quantity of the product. Say, if you are selling pipes, the unit price is displayed and the total price will be dynamically calculated based on the quantity required by the shopper. In such cases, the Extra Product Options plugin helps you to set prices based on input values from the shoppers and also as a fixed amount or a percentage of the product price.

Validate The Shopper’s Inputs with Custom Field Validations

Suppose you get a wrong input from a shopper for any field with a specific input format. Such instances occur due to the lack of a proper validation and can be avoided by custom validating the product input fields. Choose from existing validations, or add custom defined validators (using regular expressions) to the product fields to get exactly the same input as you need it.

Customize and Style Your Product Fields

Style the title and subtitle of your product fields (custom product addons) by customizing their type, class, color and title position, thus bringing the fields closer to your store’s design, and build a better and harmonized product page.

Translate Anything with WPML Support

Translate and read the labels and placeholders in any international language, as it works hand-in-hand with the WPML plugin. Now, attract more shoppers from around the world and bring an extra edge to your international business.

Accompanies An Unparalleled Support Service

The purchase of the WooCommerce Extra Product Options includes an unparalleled and free customer support for one year. Our quick-responding support team shoulders your plugin issues any time through live chat and an effective ticketing system. Wipe out all your issues in no time with our end-to-end support service.

Besides the routine live support, we let you add a paid Store Customization Service to your package, where you get your WooCommerce online store personalized as per your needs.

Free-Of-Cost Installation Support

Avail our free installation service with your purchase, and get hassle free installing of the plugin. We make sure that you have all knots untied, and your website works smooth and light.

20 reviews for Extra Product Options for WooCommerce

  1. Michael Homeister

    verified owner

    It doesnt calculate additional prices to my products, it shows them in the cart that additional fees will be added but the overall price stys as normal, what should i do?

  2. john19

    verified owner

    Great plugin & good support too

  3. bec.telford

    verified owner

    I’m still learning the software, But the customer service was out of this world! I got stuck trying to do my extra product fields and got a bit frustrated, I contacted Theme High with what I was trying to acheive – they went into my site and did all the fields for me, so I could see how to set it all up and gave me a base to work from and did most of the hard parts for me! very happy with the service received. Thank you Theme High and Shilpa in the support team!

  4. mikitosoda

    verified owner

    It is not working like demo

    • themehigh

      This plugin doesn’t add any styles to the product page. It uses the default WooCommerce style or the theme style.

      However, you can add the custom classes for the fields by providing it in the option Input Class/Wrapper Class and can add the style accordingly.

  5. dima.tokar

    verified owner

    Was able to accomplish exactly what I was hoping to do in WordPress using this plugin. The ThemeHigh team provided excellent support throughout the process.

  6. marissa.leclerc

    verified owner

    Bought 3 plugins from ThemeHigh and I am beyond satisfied! We are planning on using these tools for every future e-commerce we build for our clients. Simple to implement and does exactly as described. And the support is EXCELLENT!

  7. hussein.yusuf.73

    verified owner

    thanks for your perfect plugin . i need validator pattern and label for mac address. i make text field for mac address but any customer enter invalid mac address . i want to force them enter valid mac address by it validator . thanks

  8. tom7

    verified owner

    This plugin is exactly what I needed to easily add extra product options to Woocommerce and the support was fast and beyond amazing – thanks so much for your help.

  9. henry2

    verified owner

    Really good plug in, I had a small issue because I was using this with the Divi WC builder and support helped me out straight away with a very simple workaround.

    If I had used the WC variable product instead I would have had hundreds of variations, so this is a real time saver.

  10. ediv.solutions

    verified owner

    Great plugin and funcionality. Also one of the best things is the support as they have really quick and caring support. There are more things that can be implemented to fit even more needs but its great even like this.

  11. lasercat.info

    verified owner

    I am a manufacturer of custom made wooden decorations and I use quite a many options and add ons for my products . The Pro version provides all what I need. Small function issue was fixed in 2 days by support. See how I use it on http://lasercat.cz/en/product/medal-hanger-for-active-runners-runner/ .

  12. vlad1

    verified owner

    Clean and easy to work with. This is absolutely a helping hand to those who want this kind of extension. Good work, well done. Thanks for your support, also!

  13. mail16

    verified owner

    Not only did the product work as well as they described it they also helped make it work with another developers module. Easily the best support I have had with any add-on in years.

  14. madalina.bora

    verified owner

    Great plugin and fast reply from support team! I compared other 4-5 before installing this one. I definitely recommend it!

  15. mail7

    verified owner

    The best plug in for product addons so far. I tried WooCommerce plugin and YITH plugin. This one is a keeper.

  16. Patrick

    verified owner

    What an amazing plug-in.. And the support team are awesome. They helped me through any question I had. Recommend

  17. Julie

    verified owner

    I just installed WooCommerce Extra Products Options . Very easy installation with clear instructions. What I have been most impressed with, though, is their superb customer service. Very fast and thorough!

  18. David

    verified owner

    Thanks for great plugin. This plugin is very simple and easy to use. Especially for people with no PHP skill like me.

  19. Joe

    verified owner

    Definitely the best plugin to create custom fields.

  20. Eric

    verified owner

    I’ve used other Custom Field plugins but they’re often confusing and difficult to edit. Woocommerce Extra Product Options is easy to use and extremely powerful.

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--- 2.4.1 (24.10.2019) ---
FIX: Fix for the issue of directly adding products when used sticky header add-to-cart button even for the products having extra options.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not displaying extra options inside YITH quickview.
FIX: Fix for the issue of replacing space with +sign when select option copied from free version to premium version.
FIX: Fixed the issue of considering disabled fields price when same name used for multiple fields.
FIX: Fix for the issue of showing extra fields for simple products in the same category of which variations based conditions applied along with category based conditions.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not showing file upload details in order details page after manually updated the order status.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not adding checkbox group value when product added to cart.
FIX: Fix for the issue of displaying file name as json in order details pages.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not showing settings popup ‘Save’ button when resized and changed the position.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not calculating price for fields inside conditionally displayed section.

--- 2.4.0 (06.09.2019) ---
FIX: Fix for the issue of not considering selected extra option values  in cart when added via order again option.
FIX: Fixed the dynamic pricing plugin compatibility issues.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not working add-to-cart link when older version of WooCommerce is used.
FIX: Fix for the issue for not accepting special characters in fields settings screen.
IMPROVED: New filters to hide custom fields in cart, checkout and order details pages.
IMPROVED: Product list populating performance improved in settings screen.
IMPROVED: New filter to modify extra field price.
IMPROVED: New license manager implemented.

--- 2.3.9 (21.02.2019) ---
NEW FEATURE: new hook to modify 'woocommerce_add_cart_item_data' hooked function priority.
NEW FEATURE: new hook to modify product price.
FIX: Translation files path corrected.
IMPROVED: License manager updated.

--- 2.3.8 (30.01.2019) ---
NEW FEATURE: Order again support added.
FIX: Fix for the issue of wrongly calculating price for price fields in conditionally hidden section.
FIX: Fix for the display issue of Add/Edit field popup.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not displaying product price suffix when extra option price is calculated.
FIX: Fix for the issue of updating checkbox value to 1 instead of given value.
IMPROVED: New license manager implemented.

--- 2.3.7 (24.10.2018) ---
NEW FEATURE: Astra theme quick-view support added.
NEW FEATURE: Added support for radio type variations based conditional rules.
NEW FEATURE: Added new position 'before variation data' to display extra fields for variable products.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not translating extra option label in Cart.
FIX: Fix for checkbox group price calculation issue.
FIX: Fix for the price calculation issue when variation changes.
FIX: Fix for saving price along with extra field value.
FIX: Fix for file upload validation issue.
FIX: Fix for not updating values into cart when upload field kept empty.
IMPROVED: New filter to disable showing extra options in cart and checkout page.
IMPROVED: New filter to modify product price html.
IMPROVED: New filter to modify the field price.
IMPROVED: New filter to exclude base price from extra price added.
IMPROVED: New option to set CSS class to input fields.

--- 2.3.6 (25.05.2018) ---
NEW FEATURE: New field type "File upload” added.
NEW FEATURE: Added option to duplicate section.
NEW FEATURE: Added conditional rules for sections.
NEW FEATURE: WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts(by RightPress) plugin support added. 
NEW FEATURE: Quantity based conditional rules added.
NEW FEATURE: New hook to modify select, radio field options.
FIX: Fix for the issue of wrong calculation when exclude base price with multiple fields.
FIX: Fix for not showing subtitle for checkbox fields.
FIX: Fix for not working conditional rules for sections.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not working default value for select and multi select field.
IMPROVED: Added option to disable dates from a date-picker  base on other date-picker selection.
IMPROVED: Added option to set min and max date for a date-picker based on other date-picker selection.
IMPROVED: New filter to set custom conditions for sections & fields.

--- 2.3.5 (12.03.2018) ---
NEW FEATURE: WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin support added.
NEW FEATURE: Flatsome quick-view support added.
NEW FEATURE: HTML5 required validation support added.
FIX: Fix for the issue of saving field price with html tags.
FIX: Date-Picker translation issue fixed.
FIX: Fix for the issue of wrong calculation of price in cart.
FIX: License activation issue fixed.
IMPROVED: New filter to modify Date Picker start day.
IMPROVED: WooCommerce older version compatibility added.
IMPROVED: Added option to set the number of options to display per line for checkbox group.
IMPROVED: Added option to limit max selections allowed for multi select.
IMPROVED: Added confirmation check when deleting section and resetting advance settings.
IMPROVED: Showing field name along with field label in field selection drop-down in conditional rules tab.

--- 2.3.4 (01.02.2018) ---
NEW FEATURE: Added new option to calculate additional price based on character count.
FIX: Fix for the issue of showing selected option value instead of option text in cart & order detail pages.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not working category based conditional rules when WPML translation enabled.
IMPROVED: Added option to change the display order of sections.
IMPROVED: Added new hook to hide extra options from bundled items.
IMPROVED: Replaced add to cart button for bundled products if extra options available.
IMPROVED: New hook to disable modifying Add to cart button text in shop page.

--- 2.3.3 (24.12.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for the issue of adding same products as separate cart item.
FIX: Fix for the wrong price calculation issue for hidden field.
FIX: Fixed radio & checkbox group vertical alignment issue.
FIX: Fix for the issue of accepting non numeric value for field price.
IMPROVED: Extra cost calculation improvement for variable products.
IMPROVED: New filter to modify percentage symbol.
IMPROVED: New filters to modify extra price display.
IMPROVED: Added option to modify product price display wrapper.
IMPROVED: Disabled touch keyboard for Time-picker field.

--- 2.3.2 (17.11.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for special characters escaping issue in order summary & order details pages.
FIX: Fix for array invalid argument issue warning.
IMPROVED: Product price placeholder hook updated.
IMPROVED: Removed disabled fields from fields drop-down in conditional rules settings.

--- 2.3.1 (12.11.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for the compatibility issues with PHP versions prior to 5.6.0
FIX: Fix for section switching issue in admin settings page.
IMPROVED: Added Filters to modify hooks priority.

--- 2.3.0 (11.11.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for the issue of not adding extra price when cache enabled.
IMPROVED: Settings data optimized and overall performance improved.
NEW FEATURE: New feature to set user role based conditional rules.
NEW FEATURE: New feature to set product variations based conditional rules.
NEW FEATURE: New feature to rearrange select, radio fields options.
NEW FEATURE: New feature to duplicate a field settings.
NEW FEATURE: New feature to add custom validation to product fields.
NEW FEATURE: New feature to add confirm validation to product fields.

--- 2.2.0 (11.10.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for percentage cost calculation issue for radio fields..
FIX: Fix for select field additional cost calculation issue.
FIX: Fix for the HTML content display issue in checkbox label.

--- 2.1.9 (06.10.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for the issue of not displaying Datepicker default date.
IMPROVED: Added and confirmation check for 'Reset to Default' button.
NEW FEATURE: Implemented min-unit for dynamic pricing.
NEW FEATURE: Added new filter to modify field value.

--- 2.1.8 (29.08.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for the issue of binding duplicate events for conditional fields.
FIX: Fix for the issue of sending duplicate ajax requests.
IMPROVED: Field label alignment improved.
NEW FEATURE: Added the option to backup plugin settings.

--- 2.1.7 (17.07.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for the issue of showing price with select placeholder text.
FIX: Fix for the display issue of html tags in title/subtitle.
FIX: Fix for extra cost display issue.
FIX: Fix for select-2 z-index issue.
FIX: Fix for the issue of displaying field name instead of field label in thank you page and emails.
FIX: Fix for apostrophes escape issue.
FIX: Fix for product list lazy loading issue.
FIX: Fix for the issue of not validating radio required fields.
IMPROVED: Implemented WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility.
NEW FEATURE: Max-length and character counter feature implemented for inputtext and textarea.
NEW FEATURE: Added new field type checkbox group.
NEW FEATURE: Added new field type hidden group.
NEW FEATURE: WPML support added.
NEW FEATURE: Multi-site support added.
NEW FEATURE: Integration with YITH quick view implemented.
NEW FEATURE: Plugin auto update using license feature added.

--- 2.1.6 (30.03.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for total price calculation issue.
IMPROVED: Replaced deprecated function calls.
NEW FEATURE: Added the option to disable days & dates from calendar for datepicker field.

--- 2.1.5 (07.03.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for free version settings migration issue.
IMPROVED: Added price display for checkbox fields.
NEW FEATURE: Settings migration from free version to pro version implemented.

--- 2.1.4 (24.01.2017) ---
FIX: Fix for related products price display issue in product page.
FIX: Fix for the subtitle display issue in settings edit form.

--- 2.1.3 (03.12.2016) ---
FIX: Fix for unidentified index warning.

--- 2.1.2 (19.11.2016) ---
FIX: Fix for unserialization bug.
FIX: Fix for the issue not adding extra price to cart.
FIX: Fix for showing price for empty options.

--- 2.1.1 (06.09.2016) ---
FIX: Fix for variable product price field bug.
IMPROVED: Added new style to correct the fields display position.

--- 2.0.6 (31.03.2016) ---
FIX: Fixed conditional rule bug.

--- 2.0.5 (17.03.2016) ---
NEW FEATURE: Added two more new price types.

--- 2.0.4 (25.02.2016) ---
NEW FEATURE: Field title position option added.
NEW FEATURE: Time format select option added for timepicker.

--- 2.0.3 (24.02.2016) ---
FIX: Fixed field title display issue in admin order details page.

--- 2.0.1 (15.01.2016) ---
NEW FEATURE: Option to add price fields.
NEW FEATURE: Option to add conditional fields.

--- 2.0.0 (02.01.2016) ---
INITIAL RELEASE: WooCommerce Extra Product Options Pro initial version.
INITIAL RELEASE: Feature to add, edit and remove custom product options.
INITIAL RELEASE: Change the display order of custom product options.