Extra Product Options for WooCommerce

The Extra Product Options for WooCommerce plugin lets you add extra product fields to your WooCommerce Product pages.

Subscription Options

A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase. License details

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

30 days Money Back Guarantee

Customization of products made easy with Woocommerce product addons

With Extra Product Options you can create new fields & showcase product addons and customization options that you offer.

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Key Features

27 custom product field types
Choose from a variety of fields types to display extra product options
Create Additional section
Group similar fields of products together separately
Conditional display of fields & sections
Set conditional logic to display extra product option
Advanced price alteration method
Assign additional price with extra fields for the products
Custom validations for Complex fields
Use validator for complex fields setting up regular expressions
Date & time Picker
Plan better with an integrated calendar with time & date

Choose from a variety of field types

You can simply choose from a variety of 27 field types than the conventional Woocommerce Product field types to effectively showcase your products Also, you can show or hide fields at individual pages according to your preferences.
Custom product fields for woocommerce

Display position for field value

You can control the display of fields at these different pages.
In the cart page
In the checkout page
At customer order detail page
At admin order detail page
Manage custom product addons

Create custom sections

If you want to group similar product addons together, you can easily create separate sections at the product page. Sections are nothing but a collection of multiple fields helping in assorting and organising the page better. Like fields, you can always choose to show/hide sections whenever required and also set the position for displaying them.

WooCommerce custom sections

Conditional display rules for fields & sections

You can manage and define rules for displaying the fields and sections conditionally. Most of the time extra product options may not be required for each product or in each case, with this feature you can showcase them only for the product that it is required.You can choose to display fields based on products, categories, tags, users, etc.

Set display rules: woocommerce product addons

Add extra charges/price

Custom price fields for woocommerce

You can modify the existing price by choosing the right pricing method for your custom product fields with this plugin. You can add on extra charges for the options that you provide at the products page with the help of 7 different types of predefined pricing methods.

Available pricing methods are;

Fixed Pricing
A fixed amount will be added to the total price
Custom Pricing
A value entered by the user will be added to the total price. Use Case example: This option helps to receive donations.
Percentage of Product Pricing
Similar to fixed price; but a percentage of product price is added to the total price, instead of a fixed value.
Dynamic Pricing
You can assign price per each unit excluding the base price, which will be added to the total price.
Dynamic (Exclude base price)
Same as Dynamic pricing, but instead of adding the value it replaces the product price.
Character count
Price can be altered based on the number of characters the customer adds.
Custom formula
An additional price can be calculated and added based on the custom formula you set.

Styling fields

You can set title tags, colour, position, also style subtitle, etc. to make the fields and sections more visually appealing. With the help of this feature you can custom style the fields displayed in this page. It also lets you inherit the store or theme styles using CSS script
Customize product custom fields

Color palette and image group

Product options can be displayed with the image group feature, uploading any number of images of your desired sizes. Similarly the colour palette too can be used to display the colour options available. Multiple selection or single selection for these products can be set from here.
Color palette: WooCommerce Product Addons

Date & time picker

Another very useful feature where the users can choose date and time from the custom created calendar. You can also display the store’s working hours and holidays through this calendar.
Date & time picker fields for WooCommerce

Layout styles

The custom product fields of your store can be displayed in 2 different styles to make the product look organised and clean. You can choose from any of the two – tabulated or accordion styles.
Layouts for custom product fields

Add tooltip

You can add tooltips for the product fields and customize them. You can set the background colour, the font colour and its size as per choice.

Edit ‘Add to Cart’ button text

Most often, not all the product pages require the ADD TO CART button as in simple products. In that case, the plugin lets you modify the content that is opt for the product with variables.

Validate user inputs & add confirm validator

You can validate user entered data by defining rules with regular expression formats for the field value. In addition to that you can also have additional fields or duplicate these with confirm validators which can be used as confirming the already entered info.

Upload file

The plugin also allows you to upload files to the product page. For example, if the customer requires an image to be printed onto the product this option will allow you to take that additional detail from the buyer. The file upload supports images, videos or documents, which you can specify.

Additional Feature

Set pricing table
You can display additional charges for each added option in a tabulate style explaining base price and the extra amount added to it.
Add URL extension
You can choose to add the extra product field extension to the URL by enabling the checkbox.
Use div tag
By default the HTML tab tag offers limited styling options, you can select the Div Tag for the fields and get more customization and flexibility in working.
Choose to enable/disable select 2 style
By default the fields are displayed in Select 2 style, if you wish to display it in any other style or theme, you can simply select to disable it.
Development friendly hooks
With the help of the hooks, developers can add custom codes and content to the fields to extend its functionality.
Import, backup & export
Import and back up all extra fields with just a click. With UI friendly features, it enables duplicating fields, copying fields from other sites and also reverting fields with ease. You can also select only the required fields or sections that need to be imported or backed up.

Being Compatible, Works best with other Themes & Plugins

Best Plugin For Adding New Options To The Product
It has a lot of options and settings you can enable. Plus easy learning curve to set up.
  • Don Herman
Super easy to use and it does exactly what it’s supposed to
Simple, smart and overall fantastic plugin. Customer support is also incredible!
  • Olliehorv
Love the datepicker
Love the datepicker. It’s perfect for rental products! Support is very good too.
  • Teamrood
Worthy product and matchless support
Able to customise the fields and sections effectively. The support team is meritorious.
  • Janeng
Nice options and good support
We use the pro version of the plugin and are very happy with the options and the great support.
  • Steenstramedia
Excellent plugin with a great support team
Am using this product for a while and feels much satisfied on both the performance and support they provide.
  • Rinsha

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