Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce plugin helps you to split the WooCommerce checkout form into simpler steps.

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Multistep Checkout For WooCommerce plugin lets you split the WooCommerce checkout form into simpler steps using multiple layouts. Once the plugin is enabled, you can split the checkout process like billing & shipping details, order review, and much more into simpler steps. Using the Multistep Checkout plugin, you can compose a neat and organized checkout process along with a better shopping experience for the shoppers.

Key Features

Add New Steps

Add new steps to your checkout form

Multiple Layout Option

Six different Layouts to streamline the checkout process

Mobile Responsive Layout

Provides responsive screens for mobile devices

Login & Coupon Step

Displays login & coupon form in the checkout Steps

Combine & Split The Steps

Combine two steps together and even split them separately

Customize Navigation Buttons

Customize the Next and Previous buttons between steps

Upload Image for Index Icons

Upload icon images to each step of your WooCommerce checkout titles

AJAX Validation

Validates and confirms all the user inputs in each step

Review the step details

Review the step details before the order is getting placed

11 Different Multistep Layouts

Choose from a variety of 11 different multistep layouts for a smooth and ambient checkout process. The available layouts are:

  • Horizontal Box Layout
  • Horizontal Arrow Layout
  • Vertical Box Layout
  • Vertical Arrow Layout
  • Timeline Layout
  • Accordion Layout
  • Custom Separator Layout
  • Closed Arrow Layout
  • Looped Box Layout
  • Simple Dot Format
  • Tab Format

Create Additional Checkout Steps

Make your checkout process more clear by creating additional checkout steps. You can set the position, change the background and text color of the newly created steps.

Icons And Indexes For Step Titles

Have you ever thought of adding step numbers or icons to your WooCommerce step titles? Using the Multistep checkout plugin, you can upload icon images and display step numbers. From the plugin dashboard, you can easily configure and set icons or indexes for your checkout steps.

Custom Content For Checkout Steps

Add custom content in your WooCommerce checkout steps and provide more information about your checkout form.

Also, choose the best display position for your custom content above or below your default fields.

Button Customization

Customize each and every aspect of the next/previous button. You are provided with the option to edit button properties like font color size, color, background color, border style, width, and much more.

Login & Coupon Steps

With the Multistep plugin, you can add a login step to your checkout process and help the guest shoppers to easily login before they checkout.

Also, provide a better shopping experience by adding the coupon step to redeem the discounts during the checkout process.

Accordion Layout For Mobile Friendly Display

Using the accordion layout for the mobile view option, you can change the traditional step layout to a mobile responsive layout.

Combine Billing & Shipping Step

Combine the billing & shipping process into a single step using the Multistep checkout plugin.

Split Order Review & Payment Steps

Split the order review and payment process to separate steps and provide better comfort to the shoppers.

Review the step details before checkout

The review section of the checkout process helps your shoppers to recheck the provided step details before the order is getting placed. The store owners can select the steps for review and choose a step in which the review section should be displayed.

Add a Cart Details Step

With the Multistep Checkout plugin, you can include a cart step that helps the shoppers to know about their cart details during the checkout process.

Several Step Customization Options

The plugin includes several styling options that let you customize the checkout step properties.

The user can customize the step title, font details, background color, and a lot more of both active and inactive steps. Also, the user can set a uniform style for completed tabs and easily rename the step titles.

AJAX Validation

The AJAX Validation feature of the plugin validates each field of the step and ensures all the necessary fields are filled by the shopper.


The Multistep plugin is compatible with the Checkout Field Editor For WooCommerce plugin. By combining with the checkout plugin, you can create an organized checkout process with all the required fields.

Our plugin is also compatible with the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin from Themehigh.

Additional Features

Easy Navigation Between Steps

Simply click on the step icons to navigate between steps.

Step Validation

Option to enable or disable the step validation.

Customize Completed Tab

Provide a specific background color and text color for the completed tab.

Show/Hide Inactive Buttons

Show/Hide the next & previous buttons.

Enable / Disable Steps

Option to enable or disable the default and custom steps.

Rearrange Step Position

Rearrange the step position with a simple drag and drop method.


Our plugin is compatible with all popular woocommerce themes. A few of them are.

5 reviews for Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

  1. Kenny Traving (verified owner)

    Adequately improves on layout options for WooCommerce. It still needs a lot of work on checkout funelling, customization and usability in regard to the checkout proces.

    Excellent support though!

  2. richard.voda (verified owner)

    The support is very responsive, the plugin works fine.

  3. (verified owner)

    Bought 3 plugins from ThemeHigh and I am beyond satisfied! We are planning on using these tools for every future e-commerce we build for our clients. Simple to implement and does exactly as described. And the support is EXCELLENT!

  4. info584 (verified owner)

    Support is A1, had a conflict between two plugins and they help out figuring what was the problem and fix it!

  5. clc (verified owner)

    Does just what it says it is supposed to do. We had a question or 2 during setup. The support was absolutely terrific! Thanks.

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2.0.2 (19-07-2021)

FIX: Fixed compatibility issue with the PHP version below 7.3. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce version - 5.5.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.7.2 compatibility.

2.0.1 (08-04-2021)

FIX: Fixed the issue of Cart totals not displayed while a coupon is applied at the Cart step. IMPROVED: Added new js code for reviewing data available outside JavaScript file. IMPROVED: Display of hidden fields restricted by removing them from the "Exclude Checkout Fields" field. IMPROVED: Display the conditionally hidden custom sections created using the Checkout field editor for the WooCommerce plugin restricted from the Select Steps for Review field. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce version - 5.1.0 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.7 compatibility. IMPROVED: Improved String translations for the Settings page. IMPROVED: Accordion Layout - Next and Previous button for checkout steps repositioned to the corresponding step from the bottom of the page. IMPROVED: Display the Shipping address heading after billing address at the Review data while the "Combine Billing step and Shipping step" option is enabled. IMPROVED: Improved the tooltip for the "Include Cart step" field. NEW FEATURE: Added new Multistep layouts (Custom Separator Layout, Closed Arrow Layout, Looped Box Layout, Simple dot format Layout, Added Tab format Layout)

2.0.0 (30-10-2020)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce default validation trigger in the step validation. NEW FEATURE: Implemented option for including the cart step. NEW FEATURE: Added option for showing the review data. NEW FEATURE: Added option for selecting the steps for reviewing the data. NEW FEATURE: Added option for selecting the placeholder steps for reviewing the data. NEW FEATURE: Added option removing the checkout fields from the review data. NEW FEATURE: Added option for showing the billing data in shipping review.

1.1.7 (26-03-2020)

IMPROVED: WooCommerce latest version compatibility added.

1.1.6 (20.02.2020)

NEW FEATURE: Added option for disabling the Ajax validation in steps. NEW FEATURE: Added new before and after hooks for steps and buttons. IMPROVED: Improved the next and previous button, So users can use font icons for the button. IMPROVED: Improved custom content area to support HTML tags. IMPROVED: Woocommerce 3.9.2 compatibility added. FIX: Fix for the price display issue in shop page with Astra theme. FIX: Fix for the hint text icon missing issue in settings pages.

1.1.5 (06.12.2019)

FIX: Fix for the radio button style issue with Store-Front theme. FIX: Fix for the login step issue while login option disabled. IMPROVED: WordPress 5.3 compatibility added. IMPROVED: Improved compatibility with themes - Avada, Hestia, Astra IMPROVED: Improved WPML support IMPROVED: Validation function updated as per the WooCommerce.

1.1.4 (08.10.2019)

NEW FEATURE: Option to display checkout login form same as my account login form. NEW FEATURE: Option to directly display login and coupon forms instead of links. IMPROVED: Login step display synchronized with WooCommerce Guest checkout settings. IMPROVED: UI Improvements FIX: Fix for accordion layout issue when user is logged in. FIX: Fix for select field display issue when enhanced select is disabled in checkout field editor plugin.

1.1.3 (29.04.2019)

FIX: Fix for the error notice displayed at initial setup of plugin.

1.1.2 (20.02.2019)

FIX: Fix for the issue of displaying incorrect step-index in accordion layout for guest users. IMPROVED: Updated license module.

1.1.1 (30.01.2019)

NEW FEATURE: New option to display custom contents in custom steps. NEW FEATURE: New option to display custom contents in default steps. FIX: Fix for the disabled step validation issue when working with checkout field editor plugin.

1.1.0 (28.12.2018)

NEW FEATURE: New option to include login form in checkout form wizard. NEW FEATURE: New option to include coupon form in checkout form wizard. NEW FEATURE: New option to split review and payment step into two separate steps. NEW FEATURE: New option to merge billing and shipping steps into single step. NEW FEATURE: New option to hide previous button from first step and next button from last step. NEW FEATURE: New option to change Next & Previous button texts. NEW FEATURE: New option to set background & text colour to completed steps. NEW FEATURE: Added option to create new steps with custom content. IMPROVED: New filter to modify the step settings. IMPROVED: Improved string translation files. FIX: Fix for the validation issue with conditionally disabled field using checkout field editor plugin.

1.0.4 (14.11.2018)

IMPROVED: Option to set Tick mark option for completed step. IMPROVED: New option to set step icon radius. IMPROVED: Improved display style settings tab view. IMPROVED: New filter to change hooks priority. NEW FEATURE: New multi-step layout "Accordion". Forced accordion layout for all layouts in mobile view. NEW FEATURE: Added Option for adding the image in the step-index area. NEW FEATURE: New option for adding custom JavaScript validation. NEW FEATURE: New function to trigger custom step navigation from third-party plugins.

1.0.3 (01.06.2018)

FIX: Fix for the issue of not validating disabled fields and sections. FIX: Fix for the issue of not triggering ajax validation on conditional fields. FIX: Fix for the validation issue of checkbox group and radio button. FIX: Fix for checkout field editor compatibility issue. IMPROVED: Enabled forward navigation on step click. IMPROVED: Added option to change the width of step and content section in vertical layout. IMPROVED: Added option to set left and right alignment for vertical layout. NEW FEATURE: New Step layout "timeline".

1.0.2 (06.04.2018)

FIX: Fix for the issue of broken line-height for steps. FIX: Fix for license activation issue. IMPROVED: Added option to use any units in the padding options. IMPROVED: New options to modify steps padding. NEW FEATURE: New options for styling buttons(next and previous).

1.0.1 (17.03.2018)

NEW FEATURE: Vertical tab display added. NEW FEATURE: Added option to set tab padding and tab line-height.

1.0.0 (14.03.2018)

INITIAL RELEASE: WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout.