1.4.3 (06-02-2024)

FIX: Fixed Sensitive data exposure vulnerability. FIX: Fixed Cross-site request forgery vulnerability(CSRF). FIX: Fixed the old UI application form submission issue. IMPROVED: Added a navigation button on the 'Applicants' edit page. IMPROVED: Added a filter to restrict job interaction. IMPROVED: Added a filter to support additional attributes in job post types. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.4 compatibility.

1.4.2 (23-06-2023)

IMPROVED: Fixed the missing of default applicant fields for a new user. IMPROVED: Added translation for strings of job listing page. IMPROVED: Added a new filter (thjm_add_attachements_in_email) to attach (applicant’s data) in admin emails. IMPROVED: Added a new filter (thjm_add_custom_data_to_csv) to add custom fields in the CSV file.

1.4.1 (29-03-2023)

IMPROVED: Improved compatibility with Avada theme builder. IMPROVED: Improved compatibility with Elementor plugin. IMPROVED: Added new placeholders in the job manager emails. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.2 compatibility.

1.4.0 (13-01-2023)

IMPROVED: Added REST API endpoints to get applicants and jobs data. NEW FEATURE: Added an option to export applicants' data as a CSV file. NEW FEATURE: Display resume on the applicant's details page.

1.3.0 (02-11-2022)

FIX: Fixed resume missing issue during the Free to Pro conversion. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added an option to show the number of applications received across each job. IMPROVED: Added filter for avoiding the removal of shortcodes on widgets.

1.2.0 (17-06-2022)

IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.0 compatibility. NEW FEATURE: Added new front-end UI. NEW FEATURE: Added templates for each section on the job listing page and single job page. NEW FEATURE: Added social share option for each job. NEW FEATURE: Added option to change the position of job features in the single job page

1.1.0 (15-11-2021)

FIX: Fixed the issue in the single product page when the job listing widget is added in the footer. FIX: Fixed the issue of the Button in the job listing page not taking customized color from plugin settings. FIX: Fixed the caching issue with the admin settings stylesheet. FIX: Fixed the issue of location, time, category are not shown at the top of the page. FIX: Fixed the issue of Load more button missing when filtering jobs. FIX: Fixed the popup theme compatibility issues. FIX: Fixed Job featured icon style issues. FIX: Fixed Compatibility issues with some themes. IMPROVED: Improved Plugin settings admin UI. IMPROVED: Added class button to all the buttons used on the public side. IMPROVED: Added support for an excerpt in the post type IMPROVED: Updated placeholder brackets from square brackets to curly braces. IMPROVED: Improved placeholder {applicant_name} to show the applicant's full name. IMPROVED: Added filter thjm_apply_now_popup_width to set apply now popup width. IMPROVED: Removed hook thjm_override_user_capabilities. IMPROVED: Added filter thjm_allowed_capabilities to edit user capabilities. IMPROVED: Checkbox value in applicants dashboard changed to tick symbol. IMPROVED: When no file type is set to file upload, all file types that are supported in WordPress are allowed. IMPROVED: Show taxonomy terms that are not related to jobs in search filters. IMPROVED: Added filter thjm_show_empty_taxonomy_terms to show/hide taxonomy terms that are not related to jobs. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.8 compatibility. NEW FEATURE: Added recipient type to emails in Manage emails tab. NEW FEATURE: Resume as an attachment in emails. NEW FEATURE: Added new placeholders {applicant_first_name}, {applicant_last_name}, {applicant_phone} and {applicant_email}. NEW FEATURE: Added option to select job listing page in which shortcode should be inserted. NEW FEATURE: Added pot file.


INITIAL RELEASE: Customisable apply now form INITIAL RELEASE: Custom statuses for job application INITIAL RELEASE: Custom email notifications for application statuses INITIAL RELEASE: Job specific features and details option INITIAL RELEASE: Google Re-captcha INITIAL RELEASE: Advanced job search INITIAL RELEASE: Style the Career Page