2.1.3 (10-10-2023)

FIX: Fixed a licensing issue that was blocking plugin updates. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 8.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.3 compatibility.

2.1.2 (13-07-2023)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 7.8 compatibility. IMPROVED: Modified Simple dot layout. NEW FEATURE: Added an option to hide optional fields as a link.

2.1.1 (07-06-2023)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 7.7 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.2 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added compatibility with HPOS (High-Performance order storage).

2.1.0 (28-12-2022)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 7.2.2 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: New UI integration. NEW FEATURE: Added three new Multistep layouts (Vertical box with border, Vertical arrow with border, Accordion with icons). NEW FEATURE: Added new Progress bar layouts.

2.0.4 (24-04-2022)

NEW FEATURE: Added feature to display order review and payment step on the right side of each step. NEW FEATURE: Added feature to display coupon form above payment. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 6.4.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.9 compatibility.

2.0.3 (11-11-2021)

FIX: Fixed the issue of cart total not shown on the cart step. IMPROVED: Added feature to change Next and Previous button position. IMPROVED: Added Separator color option for custom separator layout. IMPROVED: Added feature to add Progress bar below tabs. IMPROVED: Added feature to display “Back to cart” button. IMPROVED: Added option to style “Place Order” button IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.8.2 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added Woocommerce 5.9.0 compatibility.

2.0.2 (19-07-2021)

FIX: Fixed compatibility issue with the PHP version below 7.3. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce version - 5.5.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.7.2 compatibility.

2.0.1 (08-04-2021)

FIX: Fixed the issue of Cart totals not displayed while a coupon is applied at the Cart step. IMPROVED: Added new js code for reviewing data available outside JavaScript file. IMPROVED: Display of hidden fields restricted by removing them from the "Exclude Checkout Fields" field. IMPROVED: Display the conditionally hidden custom sections created using the Checkout field editor for the WooCommerce plugin restricted from the Select Steps for Review field. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce version - 5.1.0 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.7 compatibility. IMPROVED: Improved String translations for the Settings page. IMPROVED: Accordion Layout - Next and Previous button for checkout steps repositioned to the corresponding step from the bottom of the page. IMPROVED: Display the Shipping address heading after billing address at the Review data while the "Combine Billing step and Shipping step" option is enabled. IMPROVED: Improved the tooltip for the "Include Cart step" field. NEW FEATURE: Added new Multistep layouts (Custom Separator Layout, Closed Arrow Layout, Looped Box Layout, Simple dot format Layout, Added Tab format Layout)

2.0.0 (30-10-2020)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce default validation trigger in the step validation. NEW FEATURE: Implemented option for including the cart step. NEW FEATURE: Added option for showing the review data. NEW FEATURE: Added option for selecting the steps for reviewing the data. NEW FEATURE: Added option for selecting the placeholder steps for reviewing the data. NEW FEATURE: Added option removing the checkout fields from the review data. NEW FEATURE: Added option for showing the billing data in shipping review.

1.1.7 (26-03-2020)

IMPROVED: WooCommerce latest version compatibility added.

1.1.6 (20.02.2020)

NEW FEATURE: Added option for disabling the Ajax validation in steps. NEW FEATURE: Added new before and after hooks for steps and buttons. IMPROVED: Improved the next and previous button, So users can use font icons for the button. IMPROVED: Improved custom content area to support HTML tags. IMPROVED: Woocommerce 3.9.2 compatibility added. FIX: Fix for the price display issue in shop page with Astra theme. FIX: Fix for the hint text icon missing issue in settings pages.

1.1.5 (06.12.2019)

FIX: Fix for the radio button style issue with Store-Front theme. FIX: Fix for the login step issue while login option disabled. IMPROVED: WordPress 5.3 compatibility added. IMPROVED: Improved compatibility with themes - Avada, Hestia, Astra IMPROVED: Improved WPML support IMPROVED: Validation function updated as per the WooCommerce.

1.1.4 (08.10.2019)

NEW FEATURE: Option to display checkout login form same as my account login form. NEW FEATURE: Option to directly display login and coupon forms instead of links. IMPROVED: Login step display synchronized with WooCommerce Guest checkout settings. IMPROVED: UI Improvements FIX: Fix for accordion layout issue when user is logged in. FIX: Fix for select field display issue when enhanced select is disabled in checkout field editor plugin.

1.1.3 (29.04.2019)

FIX: Fix for the error notice displayed at initial setup of plugin.

1.1.2 (20.02.2019)

FIX: Fix for the issue of displaying incorrect step-index in accordion layout for guest users. IMPROVED: Updated license module.

1.1.1 (30.01.2019)

NEW FEATURE: New option to display custom contents in custom steps. NEW FEATURE: New option to display custom contents in default steps. FIX: Fix for the disabled step validation issue when working with checkout field editor plugin.

1.1.0 (28.12.2018)

NEW FEATURE: New option to include login form in checkout form wizard. NEW FEATURE: New option to include coupon form in checkout form wizard. NEW FEATURE: New option to split review and payment step into two separate steps. NEW FEATURE: New option to merge billing and shipping steps into single step. NEW FEATURE: New option to hide previous button from first step and next button from last step. NEW FEATURE: New option to change Next & Previous button texts. NEW FEATURE: New option to set background & text colour to completed steps. NEW FEATURE: Added option to create new steps with custom content. IMPROVED: New filter to modify the step settings. IMPROVED: Improved string translation files. FIX: Fix for the validation issue with conditionally disabled field using checkout field editor plugin.

1.0.4 (14.11.2018)

IMPROVED: Option to set Tick mark option for completed step. IMPROVED: New option to set step icon radius. IMPROVED: Improved display style settings tab view. IMPROVED: New filter to change hooks priority. NEW FEATURE: New multi-step layout "Accordion". Forced accordion layout for all layouts in mobile view. NEW FEATURE: Added Option for adding the image in the step-index area. NEW FEATURE: New option for adding custom JavaScript validation. NEW FEATURE: New function to trigger custom step navigation from third-party plugins.

1.0.3 (01.06.2018)

FIX: Fix for the issue of not validating disabled fields and sections. FIX: Fix for the issue of not triggering ajax validation on conditional fields. FIX: Fix for the validation issue of checkbox group and radio button. FIX: Fix for checkout field editor compatibility issue. IMPROVED: Enabled forward navigation on step click. IMPROVED: Added option to change the width of step and content section in vertical layout. IMPROVED: Added option to set left and right alignment for vertical layout. NEW FEATURE: New Step layout "timeline".

1.0.2 (06.04.2018)

FIX: Fix for the issue of broken line-height for steps. FIX: Fix for license activation issue. IMPROVED: Added option to use any units in the padding options. IMPROVED: New options to modify steps padding. NEW FEATURE: New options for styling buttons(next and previous).

1.0.1 (17.03.2018)

NEW FEATURE: Vertical tab display added. NEW FEATURE: Added option to set tab padding and tab line-height.

1.0.0 (14.03.2018)

INITIAL RELEASE: WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout.