The  License Manager for WooCommerce plugin allows you to Create and Manage licenses of the WordPress plugin and themes you sell via your woocommerce store. The plugin lets you customize license key and add license related details to your licensed products. You can access the License Manager for WooCommerce  Plugin settings from the Dashboard → License Manager. Using License Manager for WooCommerce plugin, you can perform the following actions:
  • Add prefix & suffix for the product license key
  • Set key length and key pattern from a list of choices
  • Exclude characters from the product license key
  • Set chunk length of the license key
  • Add product license details
  • Autogenerate Product License key
  • Set expiry and activation limit of the product license key
  • Auto update for valid License Products.
The plugin settings consist of two different tabs:
  • License key settings - License Generation Criteria can be decided in this tab
  • Advanced settings - Advanced settings including license regeneration.

All License Related Details in Products

Using the License Manager for WooCommerce plugin, you can add software license details into your Products and Products variations. Following are the fields available in the License settings tab of the product, which would help:

Autogenerate License key after the completion of the order

License Manager for WooCommerce plugin will automatically generate a license key on completion of an order. You can still delete the generated license key and regenerate a new license key for the order.

Regenerate License Data for Older Orders

Using License Manager you can regenerate the license key for older dates and help the  customers to stay updated with the product License Manager can generate as well as regenerate the license keys for older orders.

Set License Expiry & Activation Limit for Product License

Using License Manager for WooCommerce, you can set license expiry and activation limit based on both Products and Product Variations. The License Expiry and the activation limit for each product will be different based on the order date and number of license per product purchased by the user.

Product Update for Valid License

The License Manager for WooCommerce lets you automatically deliver and notify product updates if the customer owns a valid license. The updates will be made available only to valid license holders and they could view the update availability on their WordPress Dashboard.

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