Set display position of License Settings in the License Product

When the initial set up is done, you will be able to find the License Settings tab under WordPress Settings. To decide another display position other than WordPress - Settings, follow the below steps
  1. Open the Licensed Plugin file.
  2. Copy the below-shown short-code to the plugin file where the License settings must be displayed
  3. echo do_shortcode(‘[licensepage-new-plugin]’);
  4. Edit the shortcut and replaced “new-plugin” with the Plugin name, without Capital letters and spaces replaced with hyphens.
  5. Save the Changes.
Now if you wish to avoid the Settings being displayed under WordPress Settings, please follow the below steps:

To Remove the License Settings from WordPress Settings

Add the below-shown filter to your licensed plugin file
add_filter('thlm_enable_default_license_page', '__return_false');

The license settings of the plugin will be displayed only at the place you have used the short-code.