Customize your Product License with Custom License Formats

  1. Go to  Dashboard → License Manager → Settings.
  2. Under the License Key Settings tab, you can configure the product license generation criteria using the below-listed fields:
    1. Prefix:  These characters would be added before the generated segment of the license key.
    2. Suffix: These characters would be added after the generated segment of the license key.
    3. Key Length: Define the length of the license key to be generated. By default, the value will be 30.
    4. Key Pattern: Pattern can be a combination of letters and digits. Choose the desired pattern for the license key from an available list. Following are the available key patterns:
        1. Capital letters only
        2. Small letters only
        3. Mixed letters only
        4. Numbers only
        5. Capital letters & numbers
        6. Small letters & numbers
        7. Numbers, Capital & Small letters
      By default, the key pattern will be Capital letters & numbers.
    5. Exclude this character: The entered characters will be excluded while generating license keys.
    6. Mark key as chunk: By enabling this, you can split the generated license key into segments.
    7. Chunk string length: Option to choose the number of chunks to be set in the license key. By default, the value will be 6.

    *The mandatory fields, Key length & Key Pattern will have the default value set, which you can edit.

  3. Once you have made the necessary changes, click on the “Save changes” button to confirm the changes.