License Manager for WooCommerce

License Manager for WooCommerce allows you to manage licenses of the WordPress Plugins and themes you sell on your WooCommerce online store.

Subscription Options

A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase. License details





WooCommerce License Manager offers you with options to generate and manage valid licenses for the WordPress themes and plugin you sell, with its easy-to-use and integrated plugin settings. The plugin also lets you add license related information to the WordPress products and product variations.

Authenticate Your WordPress Products

License For WooCommerce Products

Provide a valid license key for authentication with every sale of your WooCommerce product.

Custom License Formats

Set custom norms for your licenses such as prefixes, suffixes, etc. and choose from a set of license patterns.

License Auto-Generation

Auto generate product licenses for your WordPress products when a shopper completes an order

License Expiry & Activation Limit

Set license expiry value and activation limit based on products and product variations.

Product Update & Notifications

Deliver timely update and notification of product updates based on the validity status of the license.

License For Older Orders

License regeneration for older sales help deliver proper updates to old customers.

Know More About License Manager for WooCommerce

A Solution To Your WordPress Product License Management

License Manager for WooCommerce is a complete solution for your WordPress product licensing concerns. With global license settings and the local individual variable product settings integrated into the product data, easily add the required product details to the license data, for creating an auto-generated license at order completion.

Customize Your Product Licenses With Custom License Formats

With options to add custom license formats in the License Manager for WooCommerce, customize the prefix, suffix, key length, etc. and choose a desired key pattern from a list of options. The plugin also comes with options to rule out unwanted characters and to split the license key into different chunks.

Add License Related Data in Products And Override Them For Product Variations

The WooCommerce License Manager lets you provide license-related data for your products and product variations. Each of your WordPress products being one of a kind, add the software identifier, version, author, page URL, etc. for each product/product variation, and also provide other details like compatible and tested WordPress versions, date of the last update, etc.

Auto-Generate License Key At The Completion Of An Order

With License Manager for WooCommerce, let your shoppers validate your WordPress product immediately after the completion of their order. The plugin lets you auto-generate a license key and details for the product as soon as the shoppers complete their order.

Set Expiry And Activation Limit For Licenses Based On Product Settings

The expiry of each product can be different. With WooCommerce License Manager, set different values for license expiry based on products and product variations. Also, set the limit of license activations a shopper can perform using a license key.

Notify and Deliver Product Updates to Valid License Users

Product Updates are always a privilege of licensed customers. The License Manager for WooCommerce lets you share the product updates based on the validity of their license to your shoppers.

Regenerate Product License for Older Orders

Sales of your WordPress products might have started even before introducing a license manager into your online store. Need not to worry! With License Manager for WooCommerce, choose to regenerate license keys for older dates and help your older customers to stay updated with the product.


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--- 2.0.0 (27.08.2019) ---

FIX: Fix for Duplicate license generation on the same order.
FIX: Fix for plugin auto-update issue in multisite.
IMPROVED: Added Software identifier for variations.
IMPROVED: Added filter options in the admin screen.
IMPROVED: Added display of license status and coupons for frontend-user.
IMPROVED: Added from & to date for bulk license generation process from advanced settings
IMPROVED: UI improvements - License detail page for User & Admin
NEW FEATURE: Added option to set automated email notifications as and when required based on custom days (before & after license expiry).
NEW FEATURE: Added option to generate Renewal Coupon added.
NEW FEATURE: Added automated license status checking on every 12 hours
NEW FEATURE: Added option to trigger reminder email-manually & bulk license status check-manually from advanced settings
NEW FEATURE: Added option for Customers to manage activated domains from My Account page
NEW FEATURE: Display of License details in order complete email
NEW FEATURE: Added client notifications option on the admin bar.

--- 1.0.0 (03.02.2019) ---
INITIAL RELEASE: License Manager for WooCommerce.