Set multiple addresses for a custom section of the checkout page

Multiple addresses can be enabled for a Custom section that is created using the Checkout Field Editor Pro for Woocommerce plugin. Follow these steps to provide the multiple addresses option for a custom section:
IMPORTANT: Both Multiple Addresses Pro & Checkout Field Editor Pro must be enabled for the feature to work on your WooCommerce store.  
  1. Create a custom section using Checkout Field Editor Pro and create the address related fields to that custom section.
  2. Navigate to the Custom Section Settings tab in the Multiple Addresses plugin settings. The tab will be visible only while the Checkout Field Editor Plugin is activated.
  3. Select the created custom section from the Select custom section pull-down.
  4. Select a default section (billing/shipping) from the Select default section pull down in order to map the chosen custom section.
  5. Upon clicking the +Add new mapping button, two drop-down fields will appear.
  6. From the first drop-down, choose the field from the corresponding address section (billing or shipping) which must be mapped with a field in the custom section.
  7. From the second drop-down, choose the field of the custom section that needs to be mapped to the default field which is chosen as the corresponding default address section field.
  8. Map the other fields similarly by clicking on +Add new mapping button.
  9. By Clicking on the Remove button, the created mappings can be deleted as well.
  10. Click on Save changes button after the mapping is set up as required.
Choose a different address link will be visible at the top of the custom section at the checkout page once the setup is done as mentioned above.