Configure a Term for an Attribute

    1. Go to Products → Attributes
    2. You can view the available attributes already created or can create a new attribute [Refer Section 2(a)]
    3. Select Configure term from the newly created attribute to create variations of the attribute.variation-swatches-for-woocommerce
    4. For a term, you have following fields to update/edit:
        1. Name
        2. Slug
        3. Description
        4. Term Image
        5. Tooltip Image
        6. Tooltip Description
    5. Tooltip Image and Term Image can be uploaded by Upload/Add Image button. You can then choose the term images from the media library or drag-n-drop the image to media library from your computer. Tooltip Description can be added by entering the text to the field.
    6. Click on Add New Term button after adding in the respective data to save the term.
woocommerce-product-variations plugin Note: Based on the attribute type the term data to be entered will differ. 
  • If the Swatch type is Image, Term Image can be uploaded by clicking on the Upload button.
  • For the swatch type Color, Choose the Term Color type (Single Color/Bicolor) from the drop-down. Term color can be set by picking the color from Color Picker or by manually entering the color code. 
  • Similarly, while the attribute type is Label, Term Label text must be entered.
  • For the Radio attribute, the swatch displayed will be term name along with the radio button.

Add bicolour for a Color swatch term

Steps to add bicolour for a term of color swatch type, 
  1. Go to Products → Attributes.
  2. Add/ Edit a Term for Color swatch type.
  3. By default, the Color type will be Single Color. In order to change it to bi-color, Choose the option Bi-color from the Color type drop-down.  
  4. Choose  the term colors from the two Color pickers available.
  5.  Update the changes.