Configure a Product Variation

    1. Go to Products → All Products → Add New.woocommerce change variation drop down
    2. Go to Attribute, section click on the Custom Product Attribute drop down. In this drop-down choose the attribute that you have been created earlier that is global attribute. ( For eg: Image).WooCommerce Variation Swatches
    3. Select the attribute and click on Add button.
    4. Click on Select All button to select all variations of the image attribute or Click on Select None button to deselect all variations.WooCommerce Variation Swatches
    5. Click on Save Attributes button after making necessary changes
    6. Navigate to Variations tab. Choose to Create variation from all attributes from the drop down and click on Go button all available variations will be listed. Set the variation image by clicking the image icon and uploading the image from the media library.Product Attribute Variation Swatches
    7. Set variation price and other variation details and Click on Save changes Button after making all necessary changes.Add all required details in each variation.
Product Attribute Variation Swatches Adding a Local Attribute (used for Variation), can also be done from the Product Page. But this would have Default Woocommerce function, and the type of attribute would be Select.

Note: Adding a Product Variation works as default woocommerce functionality.