Add New Step For Multi-Step Checkout

Add new step’ feature is one of the key features of the plugin. It helps you to add custom steps for checking out on your checkout page. You can access this feature from ‘Multi-Step Checkout’ settings. While the plugin is activated, it displays three steps, i.e. Billing Details, Shipping Details and Order Review as default. To add an extra step, click on ‘+ Add new step’ button. In the pop up window which appears, you can add the name, step title and display index of the step and save it.

After adding the steps, each section created using the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro plugin should be assigned to a step from the plugin itself. The default steps are assigned a display name and index by default, which can be edited manually. The default sections (Billing, Shipping and Order Review) are already assigned to corresponding steps and cannot be edited. Instead, you can rearrange these steps to display an added step before, after or in between the default steps.

To assign a new section to a step, go to the settings of WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro plugin (WooCommerce >> Checkout Form). While adding the section, choose the step in which the section is to be displayed, from the ‘Display Position’ pull down and save the settings. You can always change the step by editing the section.

Add new checkout step

To add a new step:

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce >> Multistep Checkout >> General Settings.
  2. Click on +Add new step.
  3. Enter the step name, display name and display index (optional) in the pop up window opening (The step name field must begin with a lowercase letter [a-z] and followed by any number of lowercase letters, digits [0-9] or underscores [_]).
  4. Save the changes.


  5. To add a section to the step, create a new section from WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro and set the section’s display position as the newly created custom step.