Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we add a step to the checkout form in addition to the default steps?

    Yes. Custom steps can be created using ‘WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout’ plugin. You can add custom sections and fields to the created step using 'WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro' plugin by setting the display position of the section as the custom step you created.

  • Is it possible to hide a default step using WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout plugin?

    Yes. If you want to temporarily hide a default step, you can do so by unchecking the Enable option displayed alongside the name of the step at ‘General Settings’ in the plugin and save the changes. The step will no longer be displayed at the checkout page.

  • Can custom steps be displayed conditionally?

    Yes. You can display custom steps conditionally based on cart contents and user roles. For this, you have to apply the display condition in the checkout section(s) corresponding to the particular step.

    For this,

    1. Navigate to Checkout Field Editor plugin and edit a checkout section included in the step.
    2. Go to the Display Rules tab.
    3. Give the required condition based on cart content or user roles.
    4. Save the settings.
    5. Repeat this for all sections included in the step.

  • How can we set an icon as a step index in WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout?

    To set an icon as the step index,

    1. Navigate to General Settings and edit the step.
    2. Set the icon type as Icon Index.
    3. Now, a button for Upload Image will appear. Upload the required icon (png recommended).
    4. Save the settings.

  • How can we display progress indicators in checkout steps in WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout?

    To enable progress indicators,

    1. Navigate to Display Settings tab.
    2. Scroll down to the Step Index style section.
    3. Tick the checkbox Enable step progress with check-mark symbols for completed steps.
    4. Save the settings.
    5. Progress indicators will be enabled now.

    Note: Forward navigation on step click should be disabled for the proper working of progress indicators.