Zapier Support to export Checkout Field values to Third Party applications

Following are the steps to Enable the Zapier Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor. By Enabling this, the Custom fields values can be exported to the corresponding Zap.
  1. Navigate to Advanced Settings page.
  2. Tick the Checkbox Enable Zapier support.
  3. Save the Changes
Follow the below steps from the Zap for including the Custom field values to the exported data of the app.
  1. Add or Edit a WooCommerce triggered Zap for which the WooCommerce fields are configured to be exported.
  2. The Custom fields created using Checkout Field Editor will be listed along with the other WooCommerce Fields at the Action step.
  3. Include this field to the configuration.
  4. Continue and Click on Finish at the last step of setting up the Zap.
Whenever the WooCommerce action is triggered for the Zap setup, the fields which are configured will be exported along with the WooCommerce fields.

Video Tutorial