Conditionally display Fields & Sections based on Product/Categories

The conditional rules based on Products and Categories are almost similar except for which one is to be selected for setting up the conditional rule.

Steps to set up a conditional rule based on Product or Category

  1. From the Show/Hide dropdown, choose Show to display the field/section or Hide to hide the field/section at checkout.Below this drop-down, there is this section with the option to display the checkout field/section according to product /product category/product variation. In the first drop-down, there are several conditions for you to choose on how to filter the field/section. In the second drop-down, you can choose between ProductProduct Category and Product Variation 
  2. Choose appropriate choices from the dropdown (In this case, choose either Product or Category from the second drop-down).
  3. In the third field box, you can select multiple products/categories on which you want to apply the condition. (In multi-select conditions, the Logical condition connecting the options will be AND.)
  4. You can add additional conditions for the same field/section with AND and OR buttons. If you select AND, all the given conditions will apply simultaneously. When OR is chosen, the rule will apply if any one or more of the conditions satisfy.
  5. Save the changes.
  • Cart total/subtotal seen in the dropdown is the total/subtotal price of products in the cart, not the quantity of the products.
  • The Cart total and subtotal are varied while applying a tax to the product. Subtotal is the amount excluding the tax.