Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to include a custom field as part of the address display?

    Yes, it is possible. You can display a custom field along with the address field using the feature ‘Custom Address Fields’ in 'WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro' plugin.

    To learn more about ‘Custom Address Fields’ feature, please visit the documentation given in the below link:
    Include Custom Address Fields in Address Display

    You can also watch this video tutorial to learn about the feature:

  • Why do I get a 'Please enter an address to continue' message when I checkout?

    You get this error when the country field is disabled/removed in either billing or shipping section in the plugin settings. When you provide a validation for state field or zip code field in any section, it is mandatory to have an active country field. But, there is an option for you to hide the country field if you don't feel like displaying it.

    For this, you can create a new field in that particular section in the same name as billing_country/shipping_country. This will override any field which is existing in the same name. You can set the field type as hidden if you want to hide the field in the checkout page. Then you have to provide a country code as a Default Value so that the section will always consider the given country as default. For example, if you want to keep the United States of America as your default billing/shipping country, you can give the code as 'US'.

  • Why do I get an 'Internal Server Error' message when I checkout?

    This happens when the country field is missing or disabled in a newly added section. When you provide a validation for state field or zip code field in any section, it is mandatory to have an active country field. As an example, if you are creating a new custom section, you should add a new field name {section-name}_country.

    You can always hide the country field if you don't feel like displaying it. For this, you can give the field type of the country field as hidden, with a country code (for example, 'US' for the United States of America) provided as the default value.

  • Why does it show chinese symbols in a date picker (calendar) field?

    You can solve this by adding the below hook to your theme’s functions.php file.

  • Why is it that I can’t edit some fields in a section in the plugin?

    A field cannot be edited anymore once you add double quotes (“) in any attributes of the field while adding or editing it. All you can do is delete the field or create a new field in the same name to override it. Make sure that no double quotes is added in any attributes. You can use single quotes instead of double quotes.

  • Can the time slots of the Time picker be adjusted according to a date chosen?

    This is possible with the Linked date feature. The time picker will display the time slots according to the chosen date of the linked Date Picker. If a day less than the current date is picked from the Date Picker, none of the time slots will be active to choose from. Similarly, while a day after the current date is picked from the Date Picker, all the time slots will be active.

    To link the Timepicker field to the Date Picker field, follow the below step:

    1. Create a date picker field.
    2. Add/ Edit a time picker field.
    3. Enter all the required fields.
    4. Enter the field name of the date picker field in the Linked Date field.
    5. Save the changes.

  • How can we display a placeholder in a select field instead of displaying an option?

    Generally, when we choose a select field from WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro and assign different options to that field, the first option will be displayed on the checkout form by default.

    If you need to display a placeholder text instead of this option,

    1. Create a new Select field.
    2. In the placeholder field, enter the text you need to display (for ex.: Choose an option).
    3. Keep the first option blank.
    4. Tick the Required Field checkbox, if mandatory.

    Now in the checkout form, the field will be displayed as below.

  • Can I apply Conditional rule based on a day for a Datepicker field?

    Yes, you can. Just enter the value as a day of the week by entering only the first three letters of the day. (For eg: SUN instead of Sunday).

  • It is not working when I assign a conditional rule based on country.

    That is because you have entered the full name of the country in the value box. Instead, you will have to add only the country code to make this work. For eg: US for United States of America.

  • How can I set vertical alignment for a Radio or Checkbox Group?

    1. Create a new Radio or Checkbox Group field.
    2. In the Wrapper Class field, add ‘valign’ separated by comma.

    Now, the field will be displayed as below.

  • Is the plugin compatible with WPML?

    Yes, our premium version of the plugin is compatible with WPML.

  • How to translate the plugin text?

    You can use the plugin WPML to translate the texts. To know more about using WPML, you can follow the below link:

    Theme and Plugins Localization

    Alternatively, to translate any text missed out by WooCommerce, you need to create translation files (.mo files) for each language you want to use. You may use the POT file available in the plugin language folder to create the translation files(.po and .mo files).