Edit Step Title and Step Index

  • Edit Step Title

The step name can be edited by simply editing the step and renaming it.

  • Edit Step Index

Step index gives you the option to add text/icon to represent a step by numbering it or with iconic representations.

How to set Step Indexes?

  1. Navigate to the particular Step
  2. Select the edit pencil icon(✎) and choose the icon type(Text index or Icon index).
  3. If the chosen type is Text index, enter the display text. [Text index would support text, numbers or special characters except for double quotes(“)]
  4. If the type chosen is icon index, Select Upload Image and Upload the icon file to Files/Media Library. [Maximum upload file size: 10 MB]
  5. Click Save changes.
Note: The properties of the index can be further styled at the Display settingsStep Index style (Read more)