The License Manager for WooCommerce lets you create and manage licenses for WordPress plugins and themes that you sell on your online store. The plugin also lets you add license related information to the WordPress products and product variations.

You can access the License Manager plugin from the Dashboard → License Manager.

The plugin lets you :

  1. Auto-generate license upon the completion of an order
  2. Customize your product licenses by adding a suitable prefix, suffix, key length and choose from a set of license key patterns
  3. Set expiry and activation limit for the product license key
  4. Options to enable and auto-generate coupons for licensed product
  5. Notify the plugin users of the product updates and license expiry using admin notifications
  6. Send license reminder email to plugin users with custom content
  7. Manually check the current status of the license in case the status check was not completed automatically
  8. Options to override license settings in each variation for variable product
  9. Auto-update for valid License Products

All License Related Details in Products

Using the License Manager for WooCommerce plugin, you can add software license details into your Products and Product variations.

  • Go to Dashboard → Products → All Products
  • Select the product which you want to edit
  • In the Product Details page, navigate to Product Data section → License Settings tab. Fill in the required fields

Following are the fields available in the License settings tab of the product, which would help:

  • Software Identifier: The field name to identify the product. The system identifies the Plugin Name as Software identifier. This is the unique identifier for the product in store.
  • Software Version: The current version number of your product. The version number should be the same as provided in the plugin file.
  • Software Page URL: The URL of your current product page
  • Software Author: The Author name of your product
  • Author URL: The URL of the author page
  • WP Version required: The minimum version of WordPress required for the product to run. If the version required and the current version of the client site are different, then display a message, ‘Your current WordPress version is x.x.x. The required WordPress version is y.y.y or later’, while an update is available at WordPress
  • Tested Recent WP version: The latest version of WordPress that is tested & compatible with the software.
  • Updated Date: The date of the latest update of your product.
  • Description Page: Select from the drop-down list (which populates the pages in your website) the page that corresponds to your plugin details.
  • Installation Page: Select from the drop-down list (which populates the pages in your website) the page with details to the installation of your product.
  • Changelog Page: Select from the drop-down list (which populates the pages in your website) the Change log respective to your plugin.
  • Enable renewal coupon: Enabling this would generate a coupon and will be shared with the user along with the License validity expiry reminder.

Auto-generate License key upon the completion of the order

License Manager for WooCommerce plugin will automatically generate a license key upon completion of an order. You can also delete the generated license key and regenerate a new license key for the order.

Using License Manager you can regenerate the license key for older dates and help the customers to stay updated with the product.

Set License Expiry & Activation Limit for Product License

Using License Manager for WooCommerce, you can set license expiry and activation limits based on both Products and Product Variations. The License Expiry and the activation limit for each product will be different based on the order date and number of license per product purchased by the user.

Enable Email Notifications and Coupons

With options to send reminder emails and admin notifications, you can easily remind/notify the plugin users to update their purchase or license after the time period.

You can also generate coupons. The displayed Coupon Code can be used for the next purchase of the same product to avail discounts.

Product Update for Valid License

The License Manager for WooCommerce lets you automatically deliver and notify product updates if the customer owns a valid license. The updates will be made available only to valid license holders and they could view the update available on their WordPress Dashboard.