Cancel Delivery of product on a particular date - by Shopper

Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce lets the shoppers cancel the delivery of the order for specific dates. Cancelling delivery by Shopper Side

  1. From Shoppers → My AccountOrders, Shopper can see the list of Orders. By clicking the View Action button, the order details can be viewed.
  2. By clicking on the calendar icon button, the scheduled days for delivery will be displayed on the Calendar.
  3. Upon hovering on the date to be cancelled, the tooltip Cancel delivery of Item with a Yes button will be displayed.
  4. Clicking on the Yes button will change the status to Cancellation Requested.
  5. Once admin confirms the cancellation, the status for the particular date will show up as Item delivery cancelled.
  6. Order Cancellation email will be sent to the shopper once the order cancellation is confirmed by the Shop owner.