Manage Cancellation Request & Refund - By Shop Owner/Website Admin

Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce lets the shop owner approve Shopper’s cancellation request of the delivery of the order for specific dates.

Approve delivery cancellation by Shop owner

  1. Go to WooCommerceOrders.
  2. Shop owner can see the list of Orders. Click on Order to view the order details.
  3. In the Edit Order Details page, By clicking on the Plan delivery details accordion. The Plan Delivery Details table will be listed with Date, Quantity, Status, and Action.
  4. When a shopper has requested for cancellation, the Refund status of that particular date will be displayed as User Hold.
  5. Click on the Refund button and a pop message appears to confirm the refund. Click on the OK button to confirm the cancellation.
  6. The order refund confirmation email will be sent to the Shopper once the order is successfully refunded.

The shopper can reject cancellation request of the delivery of the order, by clicking on the ⨷ icon at the Action column. Then the order will be listed back to Planned Delivery Details Accordion.