The Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce allows to schedule and plan the purchase deliveries of the product. The plugin lets the user select the delivery dates and add the required quantities of products for multiple dates before placing order. You can access the Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce Plugin settings from the DashboardProductsPlan Delivery.

Using Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce, you can perform the following actions:

  • Set delivery available days in a week.
  • Add Start date, End date and Minimum days for the delivery.
  • Block out Holidays/ Unavailable days for the delivery.
  • Display Delivery Plan Details on the Cart page, Checkout page and Thank You page.
  • User can add the required quantities and scheduled date of delivery in a monthly calendar.
  • Display the status of completed and pending deliveries.
  • Cancel deliveries with a single click.
  • Customize the Delivery Calendar of the product page to match your theme.

The plugin settings consist of two different tabs:

  • General Settings: The Basic settings of the plugin can be set up in this tab.
  • Display Settings: The display settings of the plugin can be set up in this tab.