Configure Delivery Availability

The delivery availability can be configured in 2 different methods: Using the General Settings in the plugin setting or from the Individual Settings in the Add/Edit Product page. Once the General Settings is configured, it will be available for every schedulable product instead of repeating the availability configuration process. If in case a particular product has a different availability, this can be configured using the Individual Settings within each Product Page.

To configure the Delivery Availability, under General Settings: 

  1. Go to  Dashboard → Products → Plan Delivery → General Settings → Calendar Settings.
  2. You can configure the delivery availability using the following fields:
    • Start the Week on: Define the starting day of the week in a monthly calendar displayed for the Schedule Products.
    • Enable Plan Delivery for Weekdays: Select the days of the week for which delivery is available.
    • Start Date: Date from which the products are available for delivery.
    • Minimum Date/Days for Delivery: Set a minimum number of date/days required for delivery of an order. This field will help if it requires a preparation time after receiving the order. 
    • End Date: up to which the schedule products are available for delivery.
    • Holiday/Unavailable Days: Set unavailability on the calendar for the days when delivery is not available. Click the plus button ( + ) to add more holiday entries and delete the holiday by using the close button( X ).
Click on the “Save Changes” button to confirm the changes.

To configure the Delivery Availability, under Individual Settings

  1. Go to Products → All Products → Edit the Simple Product
  2. Enable the checkbox Plan Delivery.
  3. Navigate to the Plan Delivery menu under the Product Data tab. To use the Individual Settings, uncheck the checkbox ‘Use Global Settings’.
  4. Select the Calendar Settings section. Fill in relevant data for the particular product:
    • Start the Week on
    • Enable Plan Delivery for Weekdays
    • Start Date
    • Minimum Date/days for Delivery
    • End Date
    • Holiday/Unavailable Days
Click on the “Save Changes” button to confirm the changes.