2.0.4 (21.09.2020)

NEW FEATURE: Added License Manager client version 2.0.3 FIX: Solved software update issues (forbidden error) & following WooCommerce download methods.

2.0.3 (25.08.2020)

NEW FEATURE: Option to remove license activated domains from admin end. NEW FEATURE: Permission callback added for license REST API route to resolve the error on WordPress 5.5. FIX: Fixed accidentally displaying license tab during product type selection on the product edit screen. FIX: Fixed license generating issue on an existing order with the licensed product that was not a licensed product during order generation.

2.0.2 (22.07.2020)

IMPROVED: Delete domain action from my account page is enhanced with AJAX. IMPROVED: Save license data on edit product screen is improved. NEW FEATURE: Filter to control the visibility of disable notification option from my account page -'thlm_my_account_show_disable_notifications'. NEW FEATURE: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.3.1. NEW FEATURE: Option to disable notifications on license from User > My Account Page > License Key.

2.0.1 (09.04.2020)

FIX: Fixed the issue of throwing undefined index warning in generate license function. FIX: Fixed the JavaScript issue related to the license override toggle option for variation. IMPROVED: Improved license filtering before sending license reminders. IMPROVED: Action scheduler upgraded (V 3.0.0) NEW FEATURE: Implemented License key & order ID based search for licenses. NEW FEATURE: Added user_name variable for reminder emails templates. NEW FEATURE: Added custom admin footer text for license pages added NEW FEATURE: New sortable column "License ID" in license listing screen. NEW FEATURE: Displaying License ID in order details page. NEW FEATURE: Added batch update process of license data & new settings in advanced settings. This batch process is useful to update license data any time using action hook 'thlm_update_license_data' NEW FEATURE: New filter (thlm_update_license_data_meta_query) to modify license query before processing batch update on license data. NEW FEATURE: New filter (thlm_reminder_email_meta_query) to modify license query before sending reminder emails.

2.0.0 (27.08.2019)

FIX: Fix for Duplicate license generation on the same order. FIX: Fix for plugin auto-update issue in multisite. IMPROVED: Added Software identifier for variations. IMPROVED: Added filter options in the admin screen. IMPROVED: Added display of license status and coupons for frontend-user. IMPROVED: Added from & to date for bulk license generation process from advanced settings IMPROVED: UI improvements - License detail page for User & Admin NEW FEATURE: Added option to set automated email notifications as and when required based on custom days (before & after license expiry). NEW FEATURE: Added option to generate Renewal Coupon added. NEW FEATURE: Added automated license status checking on every 12 hours NEW FEATURE: Added option to trigger reminder email-manually & bulk license status check-manually from advanced settings NEW FEATURE: Added option for Customers to manage activated domains from My Account page NEW FEATURE: Display of License details in order complete email NEW FEATURE: Added client notifications option on the admin bar.

1.0.0 (03.02.2019)

INITIAL RELEASE: License Manager for WooCommerce.