1.3.2 (27-10-2023)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 8.2 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.4 compatibility. FIX: Translation issue for order cancel.

1.3.1 (07-06-2023)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 7.7 compatibility. IMPROVED: Updated POT file. IMPROVED: Added compatibility with HPOS (High-Performance order storage).

1.3.0 (27-04-2023)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 7.6 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.2 compatibility. NEW FEATURE: A new option "Global quantity-based calendar" has been added to simplify delivering the same quantity for multiple days.

1.2.3 (20-09-2022)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 6.9.2 compatibility.

1.2.2 (17-05-2022)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 6.5.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.0 compatibility. NEW FEATURE: Added new calendar layout. NEW FEATURE: Added additional display settings. NEW FEATURE: Added Custom time slot settings.

1.2.1 (16-04-2021)

FIX: Compatibility issue with the Extra Product Options for WooCommerce plugin. FIX: Add to cart button not functioning for variable products issue. FIX: Added WordPress version - 5.7.1 compatibility. FIX: Added WooCommerce version - 5.2.0 compatibility.

1.1.0 (12-08-2020)

FIX: Fixed the WPML compatibility issues. NEW FEATURE: Schedule delivery plugin feature is added to the Variable product. NEW FEATURE: The time range picker functionality is added to the calendar settings. IMPROVEMENT: Improved the compatibility with WooCommerce Extra Product Options Pro plugin. IMPROVEMENT: The cart and checkout page delivery details improved with delivery time slots. IMPROVEMENT: Product ordered information is improved with delivery time slots. IMPROVEMENT: A hook is added for changing the date format on the front end delivery details IMPROVEMENT: A hook is added for updating the cart links on the shop page.

1.0.8 (30-03-2020)

FIX: Fixed the debug.log errors. FIX: Fixed the issue shown after the same dated product added multiple times to cart IMPROVEMENT: Woocommerce version updated.

1.0.7 (11-02-2020)

FIX: Bug Fix for the delivery date details not displayed on the cart page while reordering. FIX: Fix for the my-account calendar issue. IMPROVEMENT: UI fixes on the display settings page.

1.0.6 (25-11-2019)

FIX: Fix for the conflict in 31 days calendar months. FIX: Fix for unexpected value displayed for the end date and maximum quantity field on Admin section. IMPROVEMENT: Compatible with Wordpress 5.3 IMPROVEMENT: Added notification for the updation of calendar start & end date on the product page. IMPROVEMENT: UI improvements

1.0.5 (17-10-2019)

IMPROVEMENT: New license manager implemented.

1.0.4 (16-10-2019)

FIX: Fix for refund button display issue on order details page. FIX: Fix in refund process for price with tax. FIX: UI fixes on product page calendar. IMPROVEMENT: Added Delivery details on order email. IMPROVEMENT: Added Delivery details on order preview popup (admin side). IMPROVEMENT: Max product quantity per day field added in the General settings.

1.0.3 (20.09.2019)

FIX: Fix for language translation. FIX: UI fixes on General Settings & My Account. IMPROVEMENT: Improved Notification email contents and labels.

1.0.2 (28.08.2019)

FIX: Fix for theme, browser and mobile compatibility. FIX: Fix for calendar disappearing issue on the my-account page. FIX: Fix for plan delivery details table disappearing issue on the order details of WooCommerce. FIX: UI fixes on the edit product page. IMPROVEMENT: Improved the notification email contents and style. IMPROVEMENT: General UI Improvements

1.0.1 (28.05.2019)

FIX: Fix for unexpected notice displayed on the Shop & Product page. FIX: Fix for missing plan delivery settings when product is trashed and restored. FIX: Fix for missing field validation. FIX: Fix for quantity format in cart page when quantity entered prefixed with zeros. FIX: Fix for calendar displayed for non-schedulable products in Order detail on My Account page. IMPROVEMENT: Frontend & Admin UI Improvements IMPROVEMENT: Improved theme compatibility NEW FEATURE: Added multilingual Support.

1.0.0 (03.05.2019)

INITIAL RELEASE: Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce.