2.1.3 (20-09-2023)

FIX: Fixed the issue for shipping calculation when a guest user checkouts. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 8.0 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.3 compatibility.

2.1.2 (29-03-2023)

FIX: Fixed the issue with products loading on the General settings page. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 7.5 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.2 compatibility.

2.1.1 (28-02-2023)

FIX: Fixed the compatibility issue with the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin. FIX: Fixed fatal errors on the WooCommerce order page for old orders with already deleted products. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 7.4.0 compatibility.

2.0.1 (27-05-2022)

IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 6.5.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.0 compatibility. NEW FEATURE: Added basic styling options for buttons. NEW FEATURE: Added a section for additional CSS. NEW FEATURE: Added order status drop-down for each multi-shipping product on the WooCommerce order details page. NEW FEATURE: Send email notifications to customers when updated shipping status.

2.0.0 (29-09-2021)

FIX: Fixed the state field issues on the my-account page. FIX: Fixed the compatibility issues with all permalink conditions. FIX: Fixed the debug-log errors. FIX: Fixed the user role issues in the advanced settings section. IMPROVED: Address limit can be set up to infinite. IMPROVED: Added message while updating the settings in the admin section. IMPROVED: Added WPML compatibility. IMPROVED: Added compatibility with Avada, Flatsome, Ashe, Divi, Ocean wp themes. IMPROVED: Added PHP 8 version compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 5.7.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.8 compatibility. NEW FEATURE: Checkbox added to enable and disable the multiple-shipping feature on the checkout page. NEW FEATURE: Checkbox to enable multiple shipping for variable products. NEW FEATURE: Enabling the checkbox of the multiple-shipping shows a list of all products, their quantity, and the drop-down list of the shipping locations on the checkout page. NEW FEATURE: Checkbox to enable multiple shipping for guest users. NEW FEATURE: Option added to exclude certain products and categories from multiple shipping. NEW FEATURE: Option to add same products distinctly to the cart. NEW FEATURE: Added option to Manage each shipping status within the order.

1.1.0 (04-08-2021)

FIX: Fixed the issue of the free version auto-update shown in the premium plugin. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce version - 5.5.2 compatibility.

1.0.9 (28-01-2020)

FIX: Fix for unexpected hidden field shows on checkout form while clicking reset to default button. FIX: Fix for the place order not functioning as expected, while setting the country field is hidden or set a specific country on checkout form FIX: Fix for the warning message, expecting parameter is string but array is given. FIX: Fix for $heading is array notice. FIX: Fix for additional slash displayed on the checkout page. FIX: Fix for state field value cleared unexpectedly on my-account edit page. FIX: Fix for the compatibility issues of ASHE theme. NEW FEATURE: The advanced settings section adds extra functionality to enable and disable user select fields. IMPROVEMENT: License manager updated. IMPROVEMENT: The plugin set to compatible on all permalink conditions. IMPROVEMENT: Hook added for changing address limit. IMPROVEMENT: Save changes messages added to the admin settings section. IMPROVEMENT: UI improvements.

1.0.8 (20.08.2019)

FIX: Bug fix for address popup displayed improperly on the checkout page while address set as default. FIX: Bug fix for next and previous buttons hide while popup contains less than three addresses in custom section. FIX: Bug fix for saved address not displayed on custom addresses while user registered from my-account page. FIX: Bug fix for disable ‘save changes’ while enable the autofill option without entering the API key. FIX: Bug fix for unexpected notice displayed at custom section set with multiple addresses. FIX: Bug fix for mapping as disable while it is disabled. FIX: Bug fix for previous address type is displayed in user page address setting. IMPROVED: Improved Custom section settings labels, placeholders and field alignment. IMPROVED: Required messages added to custom field settings. IMPROVED: Removed required field highlighted while add-new address button is clicked in checkout page. IMPROVED: Theme and browser compatibility issues. NEW FEATURE: Added enable/disable option for address management. NEW FEATURE: Added user type selection option on address management. NEW FEATURE: Added french translation(po and mo files ). NEW FEATURE: Added an alert message before remove mapping.

1.0.6 (09.04.2019)

FIX: JavaScript error due to empty sections of Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce plugin.

1.0.5 (15.11.2018)

FIX: Fixed for the issue of displaying blank option in address pick drop-down field for those addresses without title. FIX: Fix for the style broken issue when using with flat-some theme. IMPROVED: New filter('thwma_checkout_select_options') to modify select field options.

1.0.4 (02.11.2018)

FIX: Fix for the fatal error while creating new address from the dashboard. IMPROVED: Added translation template file(.pot) for WordPress translation.

1.0.3 (17.10.2018)

IMPROVED: Removed default address heading('Home') when empty heading provided. NEW FEATURE: New option to add, edit addresses from user profile page. NEW FEATURE: New option for admin to add, edit and delete user addresses.

1.0.2 (21.08.2018)

FIX: Fixed the issue of updating state field value even for single country store. FIX: Fixed the blank address tile issue when registering outside checkout page. NEW FEATURE: Added WPML support for string translation. NEW FEATURE: Translation option added for dynamic strings.

1.0.1 (12.07.2018)

FIX: Fixes for compatibility issue with WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin. IMPROVED: Popup display style improved.

1.0.0 (11.07.2018)

INITIAL RELEASE: WooCommerce Multiple Addresses.