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3.7.0 (13.12.2022)

FIX: Fixed order status manager emails and Yith gift card emails missing issue from the email mapping page. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce B2B compatibility. IMPROVED: Added integrations submenu to manage the third-party integrations. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 7.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 6.1 compatibility.

3.6.0 (15.05.2022)

IMPROVED: Added compatibility with Back In Stock Notifier for WooCommerce plugin. IMPROVED: The placeholders {th_customer_name},{th_billing_phone},{th_order_id},{th_order_url},{th_billing_email},{th_site_url},th_site_name},{th_order_completed_date}{th_order_created_date}, {th_checkout_payment_url,{th_payment_method},th_customer_note},{th_user_login},{th_user_pass} are deprecated. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 6.5.1 compatibility. NEW FEATURE: Added an option to show/hide product SKU in the order table. NEW FEATURE: Added an option to set the image width in the order table. NEW FEATURE: Added an option to show/hide product description in the order table.

3.5.4 (08.04.2022)

FIX: Fixed the issue of showing an error message instead of an option to reset password in my account page when {reset_password_url} placeholder is used in account emails/order emails. FIX: {reset_password_url} and {set_password_url} links converted to non clickable links in preview and test mail.

3.5.3 (23.03.2022)

IMPROVED: Added new social icons with advanced styling options IMPROVED: Added a filter {thwec_product_image_size} to change the product image size in the order table. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 6.3.1 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.9.2 compatibility. NEW FEATURE: Added an option to upload an attachment for each emails. NEW FEATURE: Added email mapping option for Partially refunded email. NEW FEATURE: Added an option to edit the labels in the order table.

3.5.2 (01.12.2021)

Fix: Fixed template page style issues on higher resolution screens. Fix: Fixed the issue of global link color not working in the template. IMPROVED: Improved support for HTML tags in text elements. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 5.9.0 compatibility.

3.5.1 (27.09.2021)

Fix: Fixed the issue of background position not working in the builder. FIX: Fixed the issue of template builder turning blank while editing a template with a column added via the add column button to a layout in the old version and editing it in the new version. FIX: Fixed the issue of mail id on the customer details not displayed as link. FIX: Fixed import popup style issues. IMPROVED: Added select all options while exporting the template. IMPROVED: Provide a confirmation popup message while resetting the settings of email mapping. IMPROVED: Improved checkout field editor plugin compatibility shortcode [WCFE] for file upload field. IMPROVED: Improved free to premium version compatibility. IMPROVED: Added PHP 8 version compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 5.7.1 compatibility.

3.5.0 (06.09.2021)

FIX: Order related blocks available in the WooCommerce elements and Hooks are not displayed in Gift card related emails. IMPROVED: Improved UI. IMPROVED: Changing the name of a saved template from the template builder will change the display name of the template instead of duplicating it. IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 5.6.0 compatibility. IMPROVED: Added WordPress 5.8 compatibility. NEW FEATURE: Added drag and drop property for the builder. NEW FEATURE: Added support for {order_number} in email subjects. NEW FEATURE: Added option to duplicate templates from the Templates page.

3.4.0 (01.02.2021)

FIX: Fix for the issue of not supporting anchor tag in textbox FIX: Fix for WooCommerce address fields not taking default font size FIX: Fix for WooCommerce order table in WooCommerce elements to auto adjust content IMPROVEMENT: Improved template management in WPML active sites IMPROVEMENT: Improved template mapping IMPROVEMENT: Improved {checkout_payment_url} placeholder to show only the link IMPROVEMENT: Improved {customer_note} placeholder to show the last added customer note IMPROVEMENT: Improved email header and footer IMPROVEMENT: Added user confirmation on saving template with a name that already exists NEW FEATURE: Added compatibility to Custom Order Status Manager plugin NEW FEATURE: Added template import export functionality NEW FEATURE: Added option to set image as a link URL NEW FEATURE: Added option to live order preview the template NEW FEATURE: Added option to set global template link style ( color and decoration ) NEW FEATURE: Added placeholder {customer_note_plain_text} to show customer note as plain text NEW FEATURE: Added hook thwec_template_meta_tags to add contents to head of the email

3.3.0 (13.10.2020)

FIX: Fix for sidebar displayed partially when navigating to builder from preview. IMPROVEMENT: Improved {payment_method} placeholder to show payment method full name. IMPROVEMENT: Improved UI with labels for all input fields in element settings ( padding, margin etc). NEW FEATURE: Added compatibility to YITH WOOCOMMERCE GIFT CARDS plugin. NEW FEATURE: Added new placeholders for YITH WOOCOMMERCE GIFT CARDS plugin.

3.1.0 (21.08.2020)

FIX: Fix for live style update in the column and row elements. IMPROVEMENT: Added WP 5.5 compatibility. IMPROVEMENT: Added WC 4.4.1 compatibility.

3.0.0 (23.07.2020)

FIX: Fix for social icon alignment reverting back to initial value while editing a template. FIX: Fix for order table column line-height issues. FIX: Fix for the style issues in free version templates when upgraded to the premium version. FIX: Fix for the top and bottom padding issue in mobile devices. FIX: Fix for address blocks (Billing, Shipping and Customer ) showing the wrong alignment when editing a template. FIX: Fix for the issue of missing sample templates in Templates submenu. IMPROVEMENT: Improved plugin UI and Builder. IMPROVEMENT: Added confirmation while duplicating a template. IMPROVEMENT: Moved plugin menu position towards WooCommerce menu. Added filter to change the menu position. IMPROVEMENT: Improved sample templates. IMPROVEMENT: Removed or replaced logically wrong placeholders from sample templates. NEW FEATURE: Option to add Email subjects to the emails NEW FEATURE: Added WPML compatibility. Option to create templates for each WPML language. NEW FEATURE: Added filter to toggle the URL of the order table in the email sent to customers between my account area URL and my account order area URL. NEW FEATURE: Added new placeholders ( {user_email}, {order_number}, {account_order_url} ). NEW FEATURE: Option to preview template.

2.0.5 (14.01.2020)

FIX: Fix for custom hook contents not rendering in account-related WooCommerce emails. FIX: Fix for restricting shop_manager user role from accessing email customizer menu. IMPROVEMENT: Added sample templates to the plugin. IMPROVEMENT: New filter to conditionally display SKU in emails. IMPROVEMENT: Added new filter to change email wrapper background color and padding. IMPROVEMENT: Existing placeholders with prefix th_ can now be used with or without the prefix.

2.0.4 (03.09.2019)

FIX: Fix for the unexpected notification when saving the template

2.0.3 (02.09.2019)

IMPROVEMENT: Item meta style in Order table changed from the list to inline. IMPROVEMENT: Compatibility with latest WooCommerce Version (3.7.0)

2.0.2 (29.07.2019)

FIX: Fix for missing header logo on repeated header block save action. FIX: UI Improvements for Outlook

2.0.1 (28.04.2019)

FIX: Fix for issue with Order table title edit. FIX: Fix for issue causing display of "Add Column" buttons on multiple positions when editing Saved Template. FIX: Fix for hiding Admin notice in other plugin pages. FIX: Fix for missing button link & title while editing a Saved Template FIX: Fix for scrollbar issues while resizing the browser window, on netbooks etc FIX: Fix for blank out of column content (in the builder) when sorting from the sidebar. FIX: Fix for missing "Add element" button in Blank Column when editing a Saved template. FIX: Fix for targeting builder element & related sidebar items on user click. FIX: Fix for Style issues with default woocommerce hooks. FIX: Fix for incorrect Button height in the Email template. FIX: Fix for Compatibility issues. IMPROVEMENT: Added option to Save the template with only hook elements. IMPROVEMENT: UI Improvements

2.0.0 (20.02.2019)

IMPROVEMENT: Improved template builder UI. IMPROVEMENT: Outlook support improved. NEW FEATURE: New hook to add user defined function data. NEW FEATURE: New feature to send test emails.

1.1.0 (24.08.2018)

FIX: Fix for warning notices in emails due to placeholders. FIX: Fix for JSON error in checkout page FIX: Fix for the issue of not displaying downloadable product table in order completed email. FIX: Fix for the rendering issues in template preview popup. FIX: Fix for the issue of displaying background image of existing column on newly created column of the same row. FIX: Fix for the issue of multiple alert on navigating out from the settings page having unsaved changes. IMPROVED: Improved Hyperlink color in template preview popup. IMPROVED: Improved the method of saving and retrieving font-family values. IMPROVED: Added warning alert when trying to click edit template button with no template selected to edit. IMPROVED: Highlight corresponding element on sidebar on clicking the same on builder. NEW FEATURE: Support for four new email types (Customer note, Customer invoice / Order details, New Account, Reset password). NEW FEATURE: New placeholders (Checkout payment url, Payment method, Customer note, User login name and Password, Reset password url) added which can be used inside text to display dynamic content.

1.0.1 (07.08.2018)

FIX: Fix for not displaying new element border while cloning element. FIX: Fix for the issue of displaying newly added element in multiple columns. FIX: Fix for the issue of displaying warning notice in builder element settings popup. IMPROVED: New display layout & style for template builder. IMPROVED: Added confirmation box when user navigating out from the settings page having unsaved changes. IMPROVED: Added confirmation box when deleting a template. IMPROVED: Added option to create new template from general settings tab. NEW FEATURE: New placeholders (Customer name, Billing phone, Billing email, Site name, Site url, Order id, Order url, Order created date, Order completed date) added which can be used inside text to display dynamic content.

1.0.0 (30.07.2018)

INITIAL RELEASE: WooCommerce Email Customizer.