Why Customize WooCommerce Email Templates?

Rukailath Rehsan

Transactional email templates are the root communication channel between an e-commerce store and a customer. We often see they follow a generic design rather than having a personalized outlook.

Kicking off with an estimate of $4.9 trillion by 2021 the eCommerce platform is waiting to take over the brick and mortar stores. The radical changes that are shifting the communication landscape will bring the online store owners to a point where they provide a key focus to personalization.

So, why does the business go for personalization? Branding being the main reason creates an aura of personalization when you add a logo, website, social share icons, and more to your emails. They play as part of your identity, when sending emails to the customers you are promoting your brand. Creating a brand identity is effortless but establishing it is not a piece of cake.

Craving out email templates that well align with your store helps to build brand authority, grab customer attention, and more importantly get more conversion rates.

sample email template

In this article, I will take you through the:

  • Email Templates from WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin from Themehigh

Email Templates form WooCommerce

WooCommerce by default provides certain email templates for which will be of a specific format. These transactional templates help to reduce time and effort. All details regarding the transaction will be incorporated but it will lack personalization.

Listed below are the default WooCommerce templates:

New Order Notification when new orders placed on the website.
Canceled order Notification when cancellation of the order.
Failed order Notification on order failure.
Order on-hold Notifies customer when the product is on hold.
Order processing Notifies customer when the order is in the processing stage.
Order completed Notifies customer when the order is completed.
Customer invoice Notifies customer of payment details.
Order refund Notifies customer on order refund progress.
Password reset Sends when a customer requests a new password reset option.
Customer note Additional notes will be triggered when the store admin adds one.
New account Notifies customers when they create an account.

Here you can see additional content can be added through the Customer Note. This best suits where you can provide all information like warranty, return policy, and more in the order completed mail providing all details regarding the purchase.

Email Customizer Plugin from Themehigh

With the increasing number of online stores, the transactional email types have also outnumbered leading to email template customization.

WooCommerce Email customizer plugin from Themehigh is a live template builder focusing on creating multiple email templates that are also capable of adapting multilingual languages. Customizing it in the best way with the product logo, social share buttons, background customizations, WooCommerce hooks, and much more enhances an email template to mold it to what a customer expects.

The email customizer plugin comes with many features that make it unique from similar plugins. Let’s dive in and see the key features the plugin provides:

  • Creating multiple email templates at the same time
  • Adding a subject line to the email sent
  • Preview templates help to understand the alignment better
  • Create as many rows and columns
  • Choose WPML language from the dropdown
  • Save templates in multiple languages
  • Dynamic content using placeholders
  • Real-time customization available

Create a New Template with Email Customizer

Navigate to WooCommerce > Email Customizer > Add New.

Create and configure your email template from scratch. The email customizer plugin lets you add multiple sections containing rows and columns that can be further customized by adding elements. These elements are the detailing to be added to the email template as part of customization.

Mentioned below are the 3 sections which will give you an overview of each element:

Basic Elements

  • Text – Enter the text to be displayed in the email.
  • Image – Add an image to your email template.
  • Social – Option to include your social media accounts in the email template.
  • Button – Add the button to keep the email template more engaging.
  • Divider – Insert a divider in the email template to create sections.
  • Gif – Add a Gif in the email template to provide that visual effect and keep it alive.
  • GAP – Insert a gap in the template.

WooCommerce Elements

  • Header – This allows you to add a header section to your template.
  • Customer Address – Attach customer details in the email template.
  • Order – Insert the order details in the email template.
  • Billing – Add the billing details in the email template.
  • Shipping – Add shipping details in your email template.
  • Downloadable product – Show the downloadable product data in your email template.

WooCommerce Hooks

  • Email Header – Display the default email header in the template without any change in the properties.
  • Email Order Details – Displays the default order details of the WooCommerce emails.
  • Before Order Table – Shows the content above the order table.
  • After Order Table – Shows the content below the order table.
  • Order Meta – This lets you add the default order meta details in the template.
  • Customer Details – This shows the default customer details of WooCommerce emails.
  • Email Footer – The default email footer of emails can be displayed.

Now that you know about the elements you can organize the email template the best way possible.

WPML Compatible Plugin

Language plays a prominent role in ensuring smooth communication. Not all countries over the globe speak a common language. However, English being the global language is one that is most widely used and we always set it as the default language.

WPML is a state-of-the-art translation management method that helps to manage multilingual email templates in WooCommerce.

The email customizer is a WPML compatible plugin that helps the user to download and configure the languages and add them to your template builder. The language is easily accessible from the drop-down menu making it easy to choose the desired language. The Email Customizer plugin from Themehigh enables one to create multiple email templates in different languages. Providing customers with what they are comfortable with will help in building trust and authority.

Working on an email template builder is simple using WPML. The customers receiving the transactional emails will be convinced in the localized language.

Add Email Subjects

add email subjects

When the inbox gets overloaded with emails, no one in a busy schedule will take time to read all of them. Most of the time the emails are segregated based on the subject line, as they get an idea of the content inside of it.

With the email customizer plugin, you can add a subject to the email providing clarity to the content inside. This short note is something that provides an overview of what content might be inside. This plugin helps to add an email subject for each template. For ease of doing it, you can add the email subject at the same time while mapping it with the template created.

Real-Time Customizations

real time customizations

Going back and forth to check the changes made in the template will be quite annoying when you have to do it multiple times. Making real-time customizations and being able to view them simultaneously will bring more ease to the work.

The email customizer plugin helps to see the changes made to the email template at the same time when customizations are made. This feature is most effective where the edits can be seen in actual time to see the outcome. Customize anything from the background, font, gif, text, and more to bring it to your standard. All changes can be seen without saving and even without the preview option of the template.

Dynamic Data with Placeholders

Transactional emails are normally sent to multiple customers at the same time. Here we can see that placeholders are used to add and manage these dynamic data. When you send an email with placeholders it gets triggered by the actual customer data. These emails help to save time and also helps to get that personalized effect.

The email customizer plugin enables you to add as many as 50+ placeholders. Some of the placeholders are based on Site Related, Order Related, Billing Fields, Shipping Fields, Account-Related, and other types.

20+ Design Elements

20 elements

It all matters how you aligned the email template in a way that is appealing to the customers. The email customizer plugin gives you the advantage of using 20+ elements to create that perfect transactional template. These templates serve different purposes when created.

A visually appealing template containing more images, gif, background, color helps to catch the attention of the customer. However adding social share icons, and buttons to the email create engagement as they serve a Call-To-Action purpose.

WooCommerce hooks serve as a platform for passing data, placing a hook in the email template will trigger the content to be added to the template.

WooCommerce Hooks provided in the Email Customizer are:

Email Hooks Description
Email Header Allows you to display the default email header in the template without any change in the properties.
Email Order Details Displays the default order details of the WooCommerce emails.
Before Order Table Shows the content above the order table.
After Order Table Shows the content below the order table.
Order Meta Add the default order meta details in the template.
Customer Details Shows the default customer details of WooCommerce emails.
Email Footer Default email footers of WooCommerce emails can be displayed.

Apart from these, you can add custom data to the email template with the Custom Hook option. Add order meta fields, include checkout field values, add the current email status like on hold, processing, and much more using the custom hook. They can display shortcodes from any third-party plugins as well.

Start Customizing Your Emails

Now you know the prominence of email customization, how the design and content help to reach customers and build brand authority. Provided are only some of the key features that the Email Customizer Plugin from Themehigh possesses. You can visit the site to learn more about it.

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