Use ThemeHigh and Toolset Plugins to Create Custom WooCommerce Experiences

Mohamed Shaliq

Customer satisfaction is always a high priority when it comes to running a successful online business. WooCommerce store owners are often looking for ways to improve their customer’s experience with the intention of building trust, generating more sales, and increasing conversion rates. 

With the help of Toolset plugins, you can easily build a robust e-commerce website and overcome some of the limitations of WordPress and WooCommerce. You can create a management system that works for your specific needs and showcases your products in a unique way.

Top Toolset features that allow you to customize WooCommerce include:

  • Add custom fields and categories to products
  • Create a completely custom template for displaying single products
  • Create a completely custom Shop page (product archive)
  • Create a custom list of products
  • Build custom product searches
  • Allow logged-in users to add products from the front-end

With Toolset, you control exactly which product information is displayed and the design of the whole page. For inspiration and ideas on what you can achieve, we recommend Toolset’s tutorial on building a truly custom WooCommerce store.

Like Toolset, ThemeHigh plugins also play a significant role in creating a customized WooCommerce store. You can easily edit and design your product pages, checkout experience, and email templates. 

Customizing WooCommerce Templates

To take things a step further, the official compatibility between ThemeHigh’s extensions and Toolset allows you to provide a truly powerful online shopping experience for your users. 

For example, let’s explore how Extra Product Options integrates with Toolset Blocks…

Generally, WooCommerce comes with a standard template for displaying products. But based on the theme you choose, there may be some styling and functionality that you would like to change.

Toolset lets you take control of your page layouts and helps you create some advanced features without any coding knowledge. By using Toolset’s WooCommerce Blocks and ThemeHigh’s Extra Product Options together, you can enhance your product page design by creating custom templates and adding various extra options such as checkboxes, color pickers, multi-selection, and more. 

Custom options added to a product

For detailed information, we recommend Toolset’s free course about creating custom WooCommerce sites

Customizing the WooCommerce Checkout Experience

Want to customize the checkout experience too? The good news is that Checkout Field Editor and Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugins are also compatible with Toolset. Checkout Field Editor allows you to add custom fields to your WooCommerce checkout page and Email Customizer helps you adapt your WooCommerce transactional emails to suit the products you are selling and the needs of your clients. The extra fields you have added to the checkout will also appear in the emails that subsequently get sent.

Custom fields added to the checkout page

Toolset and ThemeHigh Plugins Complement Each Other

Using Toolset and ThemeHigh plugins together allows you to create a completely custom shopping experience for your customers. And these plugins are not only compatible, but they also complement each other’s features perfectly

By using both sets of plugins, you can control any part of the browsing and checkout process in your store. This means you can create the store you actually want to have. 

In other words, this is the solution to unlock WooCommerce features that are otherwise impossible or hard to customize without programming.

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