How To Integrate WPML in Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Rukailath Rehsan

What is WPML?

WPML lets the users translate the content into multiple languages. You don’t need to have any programming or technical skills for using WPML. Therefore, the developers can easily use WPML and turn their content into multilingual.

Why Multilingual email templates?

Today, it is super easy to create a template in any language that you need. In this competitive world, it has become necessary for store owners to create emails in multiple languages. Therefore, based on the language in which the order is placed, the corresponding email will be sent.

With the help of WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin), you can create multilingual content. It provides you with an easy-to-use interface for managing translations. To know more about configuring and setting up WPML, click here.

Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin provides you with the option to create templates for each language added in the WPML. So, the store owners can create a single email template in multiple languages and send them accordingly.

WPML Integration in Email Customizer

Yes, the Email Customizer for the WooCommerce plugin is compatible with WPML. It denotes that you can create templates in several languages added in WPML. If you have four languages set up in WPML, the Email Customizer plugin helps you to create templates in each of the languages.

How to create a template in multiple languages?

To create an email template in multiple languages,

1. Navigate to Email Customizer > Templates > Add New.

2. Design a template (name it Template1).

email customizer save template

3. Generally, the default language will be automatically selected in the language selector (drop-down in the builder header).

4. The template saved in the default language is called the base template.

5. Once you have completed making changes, save the template by clicking on the Save button in the builder header. Now from the language selector (the drop-down in the builder header), choose the language in which you need to create the template.

language selector

6. You will see the base template loaded in the builder. Add the required changes and click on the Save button in the builder header ( without changing the template name ). Now the template is saved for the new language.

7. Similarly, you can just change the language from the builder and save changes for all the languages.

8. Now you have created the template (Template1) in all WPML languages. i.e, under a template name (Template1), you have created the WPML language versions of the template.

9. You can assign this template to an email from Email Customizer > Templates > Template Mapping.

assign template for email customizer for woocommerce

So when an order is placed, based on the language in which the order is placed, the corresponding language version of the template (Template1) will be loaded.

How WPML Templates are Selected?

When the WooCommerce email is triggered, the WPML email template is selected based on some criteria.

  1. Firstly, the plugin checks for the order placed language version of the assigned template.
  2. Suppose if the assigned template for an email is Template1, then the plugin checks for the order placed language version of Template1. If the template is available in the specific language version, the corresponding version of the template gets loaded.
  3. If not, the plugin checks for the default language version of the template (Template1). If the corresponding template (default language version) is found, then the template is loaded.

Editing WPML Templates

1. The templates created using the Email Customizer plugin are listed in Email Customizer > Templates > Manage Template.

2. The template in the default language will be loaded in the builder.

3. Change the language from the language selector( drop-down in builder header), to view other language versions of the template.

manage template

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Let’s Sum Up

Follow the above-discussed steps to integrate with the WPML. A customized transactional email is always better than the normal WooCommerce emails.

As the store owners can set up and send the emails in the language that the customer places the order, it increases the customer engagement and even makes them feel the emails are personal. So, start driving more sales to your stores by creating emails in multiple languages.

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