How has the cloud hosting giant Cloudways helped in Themehigh’s success?[Detailed Review]

Rukailath Rehsan

There are several reasons that contribute to the success of any enterprise. It could be both – internal and external. From a single plugin, Themehigh is now an exclusive plugin store with 10+ popular WordPress plugins and more than half a million using them across the globe. There are many elements that push us up the ladder.

We cannot skip without mentioning names like Zennode Technologies which has powered all our plugin research and development projects and also our intrapreneur lead. The same goes with Cloudways, though they have been a silent supporter, their spectrum of features has enabled us in our routine operations.

Cloudways has eased off many challenges which may be strenuous otherwise. Cloudways offer excellent service with a great platform making work hassle-free and convenient to manage. Through this blog, we would like to bring light to Cloudway’s role in our success.

Cloudways is a managed web hosting service provider giving its users apposite assistance and scope to create, manage and nurture their web applications. Their hosting platforms are built with the industry’s leading infrastructure and technology for simple operation and easy working. All our developmental, testing, and hosting work runs on Cloudways hosting.

Configured server

Usually configuring a server involves several commands and steps to set up a site in the first place. But Cloudways has reduced all hassles of setting up a cloud server. They have automated the major steps involved, with just a few simple clicks.

Deploying applications with different server configuration

While we develop new products, there are several testing and operational activities conducted for each of our applications. We then have to conduct multiple testing on various server versions. And this is an easy job with Cloudways as it enables easy switching of server settings and configuration in no time.

Backup & Restore

At times we have situations where sites crash while running a program or maybe due to any other external issues. Under these circumstances we get backup support; that Cloudways provides. Cloudways regularly keep the backup by itself and we can take a manual backup only on request with a single click. We immediately restore the site using the backup, thus making work very convenient.

Block storage

Our site is a dynamic type and there are constant updates added intermittently. With added features and newer products, Themehigh is never constant, it keeps growing. With the scaling of various applications more products getting added to our site; our site keeps increasing in size, where we often need to just add more storage capacity. Without having to increase other parameters of the server or upgrade to the next plan, we simply block storage and increase the capacity as required with a small payment which is an exclusive and a very worthy feature of Cloudways.

Iaas and 24×7 customer support

Cloudways can be described as the best Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider. They get, good quality servers from reputed server providers like Amazon Web Service, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Linode, and the like; they outsource the server space and they provide us with a completely integrated space that is easy and hassle-free to use with an excellent 24×7 assistance. Moreover, we can adjust the range that we require, choose the server with the kind of service we need and customize the plan by choice. So the bottom line is that we are getting good server space together with the best service managed by Cloudways.


Whenever we bring changes, we always make it a point to create a clone, or rather keep a copy of the current live site and meantime work on the updates on the cloned site. After verifying the functionality of the latest updates, we add them to the live.

Server transfer

As we’ve said, we work on all kinds of updates on the clone site only and bring changes later to the live site after undergoing several rounds of tests assuring it works properly. This transfer of data, files, and applications is easily done here.

Staging site

Our plugins happen to be compatible with various themes and other applications. We always share our stagging site, which is again an exclusive service by Cloudways; with third parties to conduct various testing and debugging purposes. With this service of theirs, we make a Staging site that lets us make a copy of the real site and share it for debugging, etc. with the third party.

Server level optimization

Server level optimization is also an exclusive service provided by Cloudways among many other services and unique features that they provide. Optimization is certainly a great feature that helps increase the site’s performance and minifying code errors.

SSL certification

With no hassle, we can configure SSL certificates with Cloudways that fulfill all HTTPS criteria thus double ensuring trust and security.

To conclude

When you launch a website, safety and security are crucial things that you are much concerned about. Moreover, you are worried about managing the websites and their performance.

Is the Cloudways platform the best-managed cloud hosting provider? As an answer to that – we haven’t tested all of the hosting providers, but we’ve worked with quite a few and this is a whole different ballgame. If it’s not the best, it’s definitely a contender.

One can find a number of hosting platforms over the internet, however, some are lacking when it comes to customer service, some have an incomplete feature set, some have high pricing while others are so low that they put quality at risk.

Cloudways has managed to blend all of them and put up a satisfying result, thus making it the best choice for managed cloud hosting. It is ideal for those creating or designing customized websites who need to be more in control of the server. Also, offering you a complete feature set at very good prices. The customer support is great. The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to work with, unlike CPanel-powered hosts.


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