Affiliate Terms & Conditions

This agreement describes the terms and conditions for participation in the Themehigh affiliate program. At Themehigh, we will pay the Affiliate a specific percentage of Commission on the price of any Themehigh plugins sold to a third party who accesses through a referral link on the Affiliate’s website. Currently, we provide a 30% commission for each referral and are subject to change by Themehigh at any time. We will be notifying the Affiliate via email when there will be any change in the Commission percentage. Referrals should be given the links that navigate them to the Themehigh website like the Themehigh home page, the plugins page, or to the individual plugin purchase page. The referral commissions cannot be paid if the link is pointing to the plugin demo page or to the documentation pages. Themehigh will keep the complete records of the sales in order to calculate the affiliate payments. Also, the affiliate can get the report of their monthly sales from their affiliate dashboard.


Due to Themehigh’s 30 days refund policy, all referral commissions will be paid to the affiliate only after 30 days of the plugin purchase using the referral link. Each payout will have a minimum amount of $50. Any payouts under the threshold will be rolled over and added to your next payout.

Excluded Plugins

Currently, we provide an affiliate commission to all of our products except the Checkout Field Editor For WooCommerce.


At Themehigh, we use cookies to track the usage of the referral links. These cookies will be only valid for 180 days. Therefore, if a customer purchases a plugin after the cookie has expired, then no commission will be paid.

Tax Services

Themehigh is not responsible for any taxes that the Affiliate owes as a result of its relationship with Themehigh. The Affiliate is responsible for their own tax affairs.

Rejected Payments

Themehigh will only pay the commissions for the valid referrals. Themehigh has the right to reject any referrals for any reason which we believe to be violating our terms. The affiliates will get rejected of their payments, if: The sale done by an affiliate has been refunded. If the affiliate is promoting the referral link through some illegal methods. If the affiliate has brought the plugin for their personal purpose. Therefore, the commission amount will be paid to the affiliate only after 30 days of the plugin purchase.